Amy Margolis The Initiative

Amy Margolis Interview: Founder of The Initiative, the First Cannabis Accelerator for Women

Amy T. Margolis is a 17-year practicing attorney and founder of the Oregon Cannabis Association, one of the largest state cannabis trade groups in the U.S. Amy advises businesses and investors on the deployment...
Peter Vogel CEO Leafwire

Peter Vogel Interview: CEO of Leafwire, Cannabis Industry’s Answer to Networking

We were able to interview the CEO of Leafwire. Read on below to learn more about Peter Vogel, @pvogel. Leafwire is the cannabis industry's answer to networking; a platform akin to Linkedin, but 100% devoted...
cody johnson magic medicine

Cody Johnson Interview: Cannabis as a Unique Psychedelic and more

Cody Johnson, @PsyFrontier, is a Boston-based intrepid psychonaut and humanist who writes about mind-expanding plants and compounds at His first taste of psychedelia came in the form of MDMA, which opened him up to the...

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