The Puff Pack Subscription










What We Love

  • Well Thought Off
  • Great and Super Affordable Pricing
  • Quality Products
  • Love the mystery item
  • All products inside are useful


  • Our least favorite was the $1 subscription but still useful

Product Reviews

The Puff Pack Review: Affordable Stoner Subscription Box

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Boveda Humidity Control: Maximizing Efficacy and Storage for Cannabis

When it comes to storing medicinal herbs, tobacco, or #cannabis, the biggest challenge that people face is humidity. Too little moisture would cause your goods to...

Stashlogix Review: Awesome Secure Storage and Transport of Cannabis

Storing and carrying tobacco products, medicines or herbs have always been a common challenge for people who use these products. When traveling, one is faced...

CBD Living Review:CBD-Infused Products with Nano-Technology

@CBDLiving is offering a line of beneficial consumer products derived from hemp. Known for their bottled water infused with CBD and nutrients from the...

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