Best CBD Gummies [Updated]

cbd gummy cbd gummies

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We here at Ganjly love being able to try so many different brands and types of CBD products, but few are as consistently popular as the CBD gummy.

Sweet, sour, different kinds of flavor, and easy to track dosage make these a popular form of CBD edibles.

Gummies are typically made from hemp and not marijuana, so they will hopefully become more commonplace with the new Farm Bill authorizing hemp at the Federal level.

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Sunday Scaries – $39

sunday scaries gummies for anxiety

These anxiety-focused gummies are great for those nights when something is keeping you awake. For those of you that don’t know, “Sunday Scaries” is a term used when you are anxious about going back to work on Mondays or going back to school on Mondays. Like all THC-free products, this will not produce a high, but it is formulated to help relieve anxiety.

Blue Moon CBD – From $13-19

blue moon hemp gummies

Blue Moon, grown in Kentucky, has a range of offerings, but we’ll be focusing on their line of gummies. They have standard CBD offerings with a variety of flavorings, as well as a version with melatonin added to improve relaxation & sleep.

CBD Living Gummies, $40, Gummy Rings $20 and CBD Lozenges, $20

cbd living gummies

cbd living gummy rings

CBD Living creates a large variety of products out of CBD, and while we’re focusing on gummies we thought their lozenges belonged in this review as well. The gummies come in a gummy bear form and also have a vegan variety but they also have a sugary kind which is the gummy rings. Our favorite was the sour flavor of the CBD Gummy Rings. The gummies have a variety of great flavors, but the stand-out here was the lozenges. This is the first we have seen of a CBD lozenge, and the lozenges are very effective on a sore or scratchy throat.

Fab CBD Gummies – $59

fab cbd chews gummies

Fab CBD sells its CBD Chews in a larger than average dose. Their full-spectrum offering has 25mg of CBD in it and tastes great. It is all-natural and vegan.

Intrinsic Hemp CBD Gummies – $37.49

intrinsic hemp cbd gummy bears

Intrinsic has a variety of great flavors in their CBD gummies. They give a full lab report showing the test results of their CBD products.

Organabus Organic CBD Gummies – $27.99

organabus cbd gummies

Organic CBD is the name of the game with Organabus’ tasty CBD gummies. They made their gummies with organic ingredients and come in watermelon and cherry flavors. Each gummies are infused with 50 mg of CBD. From all the gummies that we have reviewed, this is the only one that had little information on their site and did not publish their 3rd party certificate of analysis online so from our opinion, one has to be cautious.