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CBD Oil for Dogs: Computing the Right Dosage

CBD oil is a good remedy for dogs suffering from many medical conditions such as anxiety, skin problems, epilepsy, or cancer. According to reports, the US CBD market had a remarkable growth of 706 percent in 2019.

The main goal of this article is to provide accurate information on how much CBD oil to give to a dog. Read on for detailed information on CBD oil for dogs dose calculator.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a cannabis extract. Cannabis contains active compounds called cannabinoids or CBD.

There are two essential sources of CBD: marijuana and Hemp. The former has psychoactive properties and can be used as a recreational drug. That’s why it was banned in most countries. On the other hand, Hemp has no psychoactive effects and is often used to make CBD oil.

The legality of hemp-based cannabis varies by country. Hemp cultivation requires special permissions while growing weed can lead to criminal charges regardless of whether the owner or the tenant plants it.


Who Can Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD oil is believed to be effective for humans and animals alike. However, dog owners use it mainly, as they have a higher CBD oil use rate than people.

There are several situations in which CBD can come in handy:

1) Side Effects Due to Traditional Drugs

Traditionals pharmaceutical drugs may have many adverse effects that CBD doesn’t have. Thus, CBD is more preferred when it comes to medical issues.

For example, dogs suffering from epilepsy don’t usually respond well to conventional forms of treatment. However, CBD alleviates seizures or reduces their number and severity. If your dog needs typical pharmaceutical drugs, CBD oil may help replace them.

2) Epilepsy

The evidence on the effectiveness of using CBD oil for dogs with epilepsy is limited. That’s why CBD doesn’t replace all types of medication your pet takes. However, if there are fewer side effects and CBD proves to be an effective alternative, you can opt for it rather than pharmaceuticals.

3) Anxiety

Pets often suffer from anxiety that leads to behavioral issues such as chewing the furniture and barking. CBD oil may help reduce stress and calm the dog in such cases. However, it doesn’t always work.

So, if your canine has severe anxiety, you should consult a vet before giving him any supplement or medication.

4) Skin Disorders

CBD oil can be used as a remedy for skin problems that plague dogs, such as swelling, itching, and redness. If your furry friend has a skin disorder or any other dermatological issue, CBD oil can be the way to go.

Always talk to a veterinarian before changing your dog’s treatment, including dosage and types of medication.

The Dosage of CBD Oil for Dogs

As mentioned earlier, you can use a CBD oil for dogs dose calculator to check the proper dosage required. It varies depending on their health condition and the dog itself. Dogs metabolize CBD differently than humans do.

Therefore, you need to take several points into account before giving your puppy any supplements or medication:

1) Weight

The dosage of CBD for dogs is measured in mg per lb of the canine’s body weight. Almost all CBD oil for dogs is sold in milligrams. So it would help if you calculated the CBD oil dosage for dogs by converting it into pounds.

However, if your dog is overweight, you need to consider its weight. For example, an 8-lb Chihuahua needs 24 mg of CBD per day, provided that they are healthy and not prone to medical problems. If the same Chihuahua weighs twice as much, its daily CBD oil dosage is 48 mg instead of 24 mg.

2) Health Problems

If your pet has health issues, it may require a different CBD oil dosage for dogs than a healthy dog does. For example, an epileptic dog should receive a higher CBD oil dosage than an otherwise healthy one.

3) Genetics

Your pet’s genetics, including breed and lineage, affect the way their body processes substances such as drugs and supplements. An individual dog may absorb certain pharmaceutical medicines much faster or slower than another can. It’s why one particular medication doesn’t work well for your pet.

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

To get the correct CBD dosage for dogs, you need to multiply their weight in pounds by the number of milligrams per pound that the bottle says it has of CBD oil dosage. So an 8-lb Chihuahua should take 16 mg of CBD oil a day if the product they use says 20 mg is its CBD oil dosage for dogs per pound.

Once you have determined your pet’s CBD oil dosage for dogs, give them half of it in the morning and once at night. You should speak to a veterinarian before doing so.

To increase or decrease CBD oil dosage for dogs, do it gradually. For example, if your Chihuahua weighs 8 lbs and receives 16 mg of CBD oil a day, you can give them 17 mg the second day and 18 mg the next one. Increase or decrease their dosage in such increments until you find the ideal CBD oil dosage for dogs.

Remember that dogs’ ideal CBD oil dosage varies depending on their health conditions and weight.

Other Important Tips to Remember When Giving Your Pet CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs:

1) If you have a puppy, start with a low CBD oil dose for dogs. There is no fixed rule for this. You can give the lowest amount of CBD oil for dogs to a puppy.

2) When you increase or decrease their dosage, do it gradually in small increments.

3) If your pet experiences adverse side effects after taking CBD oil dosage, remove it from their diet and contact a veterinarian right away.

4) Always talk to a veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil dosage for dogs.

5) Never change your pet’s medication dosage without consulting a medical professional first.

6) Never change your pet’s medication dosage without consulting a medical professional first.

7) Never give your pet human medications without consulting a veterinarian first.

8) CBD oil dosage for dogs is not the same as CBD for humans. The two species react differently to certain substances, including medication and supplements.


Final Words

CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs is a very touchy topic. Dogs metabolize CBD differently than humans do, but CBD has been known to show positive effects on dogs as well.

Just remember to always talk to a vet first and follow their advice. And don’t try to up your dog’s dosage without checking first; you might end up with a very sick pet.

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