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Win a 1 Year Supply of CBD plus 4 Releaf Balms from The Medics

cbd oil releaf balmsInfused with the power of our unique hemp, The Medics ReLeaf Balm is the perfect remedy for soothing everyday aches and pains. Simply apply salve and rub on the concerned area

Information from The Medics Website:

From the very seed itself to the Hemp plants into which they grow and down to the CBD oil we extract, this supplement is truly All American. Most “American-grown” hemp plants are actually grown using imported seeds from China and various European countries, but the hemp seed we use for our Premium extract is a true American strain.

The Medics work together with small American farmers up in the mountains of Colorado on innovative, organic techniques to grow the hemp using American seed. While hemp farming was legalized on a federal level only recently, the state of Colorado was one of the first states to legalize it in the 1990’s and became the first state to actually cultivate the plant in America in over half a century.

We truly believe we have come up with the World’s Best scientifically blended, mixed and formulated CBD (Cannabidiol) Hemp Oil. When you buy Premium, you buy the best CBD we have to offer.

Customer Reviews


Amazing Treatment

I have suffered with Chron’s since 1995. It was so awful that at times I could not leave my home. I was told there is no cure and I would need heavy medications to keep it in check. Refusing everything and worried what damage could have been done. I quietly suffered, until try CBC! My life has changed. I no longer am in pain, bloated, sick and tired. I have energy feel great and best of all I am myself again! I could not be happier with the product and recommend it to anyone suffering with Chron’s.


Brain Tumor Eradification

I have been using CBD oil daily since last year. Up until the point of me using it consistently my brain kept producing tumors Since I have been taking this product my brain stopped producing tumors.; This product is tasty and easy to use. I swear by it. Thank you!!


“Relaxes me so I can sleep” medicine

I am new to CBD oil but not to sleep aids. The Medics Hemp Extract is helping me to relax so I can fall asleep more quickly and soundly, without any negative morning after effects.


Great product, great customer service

CBD oil provides real best pain relief for a family member; a few drops in the morning and she feels better all day. The company stands behind their products and provides excellent service. Highest recommendation!


Great for Depression!

My son has been using this oil for over 3 months now. I am so glad we tried it. He has struggled with depression since he was little and it has continued to get worse as he’s gotten older.This oil has worked great for him in that he does not experience the lows that he did prior to starting on it.We have been searching for an alternative to conventional anti-depressants and so far this has worked wonders! I highly recommend!

100% American Grown,  All Natural,  & Organic

Simply shake the bottle, place under the tongue for 60 seconds then swallow.

High in omega-3 fatty acids, Vegan, & gluten-free.

No added artificial preservatives, colors, or ingredients.