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How to Check the Quality of Cannabis Seeds [Ultimate Guide]

Know before you grow. Learn easy ways to check the quality of your cannabis seeds.

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The quality of #cannabis seeds is the key to increased yields. Whether the plant is grown indoors or outdoors, sourcing and achieving a vigorous and healthy #cannabisseed is our aim.

It is true that the genetics of the grain does matter in generating yields but there are so many procedures that cannabis growers will execute when growing a healthy crop. Start by buying cannabis seeds from a reputable shop such as Sticky Seeds and you will not have to worry about genetics.

It is true that the genetics of the grain does matter in generating yields but there are so many procedures that cannabis growers will execute when growing a healthy crop.

Also, getting the right moisture levels, essential nutrients, and even the best lighting for the growth of the seeds all come together to produce quality yields. However, the quality of the seeds planted matters more in the long run.

Here is how you can check the quality of your seeds.

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1. Outside Appearance: How do they look?

How to Check the Quality of Cannabis Seeds

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Appearance is the first element that pulls an individual towards anything. Similarly, healthy cannabis seeds also have a unique appearance. It makes it easy to identify the healthier ones.

In this case, they will appear darker in color, with a combination of grey, brown, and black shades. Some are even said to have a tiger-like outside print, meaning they have stripes and spots on their external shells.

Seeds that are unhealthy and immature are green in color or whitish in appearance. They may also feature cracks on their outside shells. Small cracks in the outer shell basically mean the seed is weak and not healthy. These seeds if planted, may or may not germinate and sprout.

If they do indeed grow, they will take longer to mature, and the final grown cannabis plant will be of low quality.

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2. Outside Feel

Healthy seeds are firm to the touch. If you apply a little pressure, they will hold; they are resilient. If they still hold under pressure and are not bending or otherwise crumbled, then that is a seed worth planting.

With it, the quality of yields is a guarantee. Old seeds will crumble, break and crack when you apply pressure on their outer shells. They might feel lighter compared to healthy, high-quality cannabis seeds.

If grown, it’s a waste of time. However, it’s essential to note that seeds can have this characteristic as a result of being stored for a long time. Purchase seeds that are fresh from the farm.

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Types of Seeds

cannabis seeds

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Cannabis seeds are of different types which are determined by their expected yields, levels of resistance, and level of adaptability to the environment when planted.

Identifying the type of seed at your disposal, i.e. Big Bud, Holland Hope, Pure Power Plant, Blue Mystic and Bubblelicious; its purpose, i.e. indoor growth, outdoor plant, medical, regular and feminized makes it easier to ensure the quality of the seed.

Feminine seeds should not be put together with other grains. If pollinated, they divert all their energy to seed production lowering the level of THC produced.

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Plant the Seeds: Let Them Grow

It is the easiest method of ensuring accuracy in the quality of seeds selected.

Planting and letting the seeds germinate tells the healthier ones from the unhealthy.

Under the right environmental and growth conditions, healthy seeds will germinate within the stipulated time frame.

However, noxious seeds may take longer to grow or not germinate at all.

This test takes a long time compared to all the others.

If you have no time at hand to conduct the analysis, buy your seeds at a reputable store or seed bank.

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3. Source of Your Seeds

Reliability and reputation are factors to consider when sourcing your cannabis seeds, especially if they are for commercial use.

You cannot afford to risk low-quality seeds for commercial purposes.

Many companies take pride in delivering high quality, healthy, and well-bred cannabis seeds.

The companies have a reputation to protect and therefore, make sure that customers receive value and exactly what you need.

Make sure you are given all the details by the seed bank on the seeds you have purchased.

Sometimes people with a hobby of planting cannabis may have the quality seeds you need. But purchasing the seeds from a seed bank is your best bet.

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4. Float Them

check quality of cannabis seeds

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If planning to plant your seeds in a day or two, then you can float the seeds.

Put some water in a jar and place your seeds in it. Let them float in the water for two to three hours.

If the seeds are still floating after this period has passed, this means that the seeds are not healthy.

If your seed sinks at the bottom of the jar, then these are the seeds that you should plant.

The seeds will germinate shortly once placed in water so conduct this test only if you are planting the seeds soon. 


You can buy seeds online from reputable banks, physically from a seed bank or source some from your friends.

However, with the tips above, you are sure to acquire a desirable and high-quality seed.

Furthermore, you will reap generously at the end of it all.

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