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How to Clean Your Smoking Apparatus [Quick, Easy and Effective Ways]

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Just like everything else, the cleaner the better. Whether it’s your car, your room or your water pipe, cleanliness matters. Of course, Feng Shui is a thing and it really helps you stress-less when you have a clean, organized, de-cluttered mess.

Whether you enjoy dabbing with an oil rig or just smoking herbs from a glass bong, making sure it’s clean is a big deal. It can also make for some discreet dorm room smoking. You can buy a bong online and get a quality smoking apparatus. But you need to learn how to clean it to maintain the quality.

Cleaning the water is very obvious but other than that, you get a buildup of resin around the edges and opening holes of the bowl. Any opening that is being clogged or closed will create an inefficiency for the smoke to clear its way. 

If you’re a smoking enthusiast, you have probably experienced the decline of your bongs. Why spend more money on a bong when you can clean your current one for a fraction of the price?

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Benefits of Cleaning Your Pipe

Cleaning anything is just a good practice of hygiene. This is especially important when you are sharing your accessories.

It’s true that you won’t be cleaning and washing it all the time but it’s good to maintain it. Besides those, there are many other benefits to do a nice thorough wash of your stuff.

Better Taste

When you go to a friend’s house and he passes you the bong, you don’t want to smoke it then realize it tastes bad. Either he hasn’t cleaned the water out or he just hasn’t cleaned it in months.

When there is residue stuck to it, you will notice the difference in the flavor of your herbs, regardless of the strain. Don’t be the person who doesn’t clean it!

No Residue = No Clogging

The residue is big deal when it comes to clogging. Just about all your clogging will stem from residue.

Whether it’s dark resin getting stuck in between an opening that smoke travels from or it’s tiny herbs getting stuck to the resin.

Clean it out! You will get more smoke. You’re wasting more herbs than actually smoking.


Some people can care less about how their bong looks but others specifically get their accessory because of the way it looks. 

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Cleaning Your Glass Pipe or Bong

While some people may prefer to throw away their pieces and buy a new one every month, some like to maintain the same clean accessory. There are two ways to clean your glass pipes but one is more efficient than the other.

The first way is manually by mixing a few things together and the other is by buying a formula already created for cleaning your pieces.

The manual way is great but requires a little more time. Using a specially created formula to maintain your pipes is the better way to go. 

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Manually Cleaning

To begin, make sure to dump out anything in the bowl. Make sure all the water and anything in it has spilled out.

Get a ziplock bag and fill it up with isopropyl alcohol. Anything over 90% is fine.

Add a teaspoon of salt in it and throw your bubbler or pipe in there. Leave it in there for about 30 minutes.

If you have a water pipe, that makes it a bit more difficult using this technique.

This is because there will be more surface area to clean and make sure there is no salt residue.

After you have completely cleaned your smoking accessories. Turn on your faucet or bathtub and wait for the water to warm up.

Run it under hot water and fill the ziplock bag up about ¼ of the way with it. Let your pipe sit in and let all the resin slowly break apart. 

Cleaning with Glass Cleaners

There are many pipe cleaning chemicals you can use on your accessories. This is the best way to make sure your pipe is spotless. The ingredients used are much stronger than anything you can mix together.

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Cleaning Your Vapes

Vaporizers should always be cleaned from the exterior to the atomizer. Cleaning the exterior of the vape can prolong the life of your unit.

Making sure your coil isn’t clogged will be the best way get maximum efficiency.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Cleaning a weed vape pen will benefit you a lot. The main thing is the clear the airways and that is mainly for the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece has all the vapor passing through and this can get a lot of vapor resin stuck in there.

There is also the chance of your ground up herbs passing through ands getting stuck. These are all little details you have to look out for.

Increasing efficiency when vaping will help you out a great deal. Vaping cannabis gives you a mellow effect compared to smoking it.

Blocked airways can only make it worse. 

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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes don’t have as much issues as other types of vapes.

Whether you have a rebuildable coil or an atomizer, you can usually run it under water or change the coils.

Some are disposable and you will need to toss it out at that point.

Bear in mind that such cigarettes and their batteries are prone to explosion when not handled and cleaned properly. In some cases, it even resulted in an electronic cigarette explosion lawsuit or two. Therefore, enjoy them but take necessary precautions as well.

Wax Vapes

Wax vaporizers or dab pens really need to focus on cleanliness. Having a clean coil will make the difference between having an efficient wax vape pen or one that doesn’t seem to work all that well. With the thickness of wax concentrates, the vapor they give off can be thick too.

Vapor still contains resin particles that get stuck to the mouthpiece. Concentrate resin is still waxy but it oftentimes will show residue.

The coils often get gunked up and filled up with sticky wax over time. This can lead to excess wax hardening on the coil and around the opening. Some atomizers come with a small “carb” hole on the bottom. This helps with more airflow.

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