Crater 420 Review: Powerful Portable Vaporizer

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Crater 420




Ease of Use




Battery Life


Heatup Speed


What We Love

  • 4 flexible heat settings
  • Swivel head mouthpiece
  • 30-second heating up time
  • 3 in 1 vaporiser
  • Fit for dry herb, wax or oil


  • Cleaning can be tedious

Crater Vapes Review @Crater_Vape_Pen

The Crater 420 is from the brand Crater and is a refined portable vape that can be taken as an entry-level vaporizer on the market. It is available for sale in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, USA and Europe (EU).


The Crater 420 is a powerful portable vaporizer that comes with 4 flexible heat settings and can easily be used. It looks like a Pax but is totally different. Although it resembles the Pax functionally, it feels slightly different when it comes to the construction.  It looks and works similar to an appropriate medical device. It has a wonderful stealth factor and can easily be taken anywhere without worry.

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This is a portable vape with a nice appearance. It is discreet but sleek in appearance, and can easily be fitted into pockets. The small size of the vape ensures its portability and ensures that users can take it along wherever they go. Generally, it has a long battery life and the product can keep serving for a long time.


  • Digitally controlled vaporizer with swivel head mouthpiece
  • 30 second time for heating up.
  • USB charging port
  • Ability to be directly charged from any power outlet or USB port
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Large chamber
  • 3 in 1 vaporizer
  • Pure vapor and completely isolated air path
  • 100% air heating system
  • Compact-sized 2200mAh internal lithium-ion battery
  • True convection vaporizer
  • 4 flexible heat settings to allow perfect vape experience.
  • Ideal for oil, dry herb, and wax

What You Should Know About It

The Crater 420 can easily produce vapors in large clouds. It can be used on the top setting and comes with a LED, multi-colored display that allows a similar adjustment as Pax. After it reaches the exact temperature, its green light goes on.

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A soft pull on its mouthpiece can offer a nice smoke. It feels nice to hold the Crater and stands as a low-cost substitute for vapes. It is ideal for urban stoners as well as outdoor enthusiasts.


The Crater 420 is portable, relaxing, strong and reliable in performance. It provides users with the best experience in aromatherapy. It offers a robust and effective performance and comes with a warranty cover for a period of 12 months.

It has a longer battery life, which makes it an amazing addition to the line of Crater vapes. You can use the Crater for a full day with a full charge.

Final Thoughts

The Crater 420 is a wonderful vaporizer. Most customers have praised the device for its ease of use, and the fact that it comes with a simple design.

It can easily be charged with a USB charger as well as directly from an AC power outlet on the wall. You can even charge it from a Power Bank while on the move. If you wish to buy a superior portable vaporizer, you can get a fantastic option in the Crater 420 vaporizer.

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What Comes in the Box

1 x Crater 420 Portable Vaporizer with all the accessories
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Cleaning Brush + Packing tool
1 x Removable Oil & Wax Cup + Replacement Screen & Silicone Rings
1 x User Guide
1 x 1-year Warranty

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