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Dabbing vs Smoking vs Vaping: The Best Way to Consume Cannabis

For the most part of their lives, people have chosen to smoke weed in a smoking pipe, water bong, or rolling it up in a joint. People have carried over this method from generations to generations, but as time is ever-changing, so have been the method of consuming weed. Smokers have been buying water pipes online in the cute bong shop.

As cannabis usage is becoming more and more mainstreamed, smokers are gradually being introduced to new methods of smoking weed. Two of the most popular ways are: vaping and dabbing.

To the veterans, adopting these methods might seem unnecessary, but the younger generation is being attracted by it a lot. Let’s look over these two new methods of smoking as vaping and dabbing might provide advantages that may not be present in traditional methods of smoking cannabis.

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The entire process of dabbing needs a piece of equipment called a dab rig. It is like your average bong in different shapes and sizes, used to heat water and cannabis. The heated cannabis and water create a vapor which the users inhale. You can search online for reviews on the best dab rigs and buy the one that suits your style. 

One of the main things that differentiate dabs from vaporizers and joints is that a dab rig is exclusively used with cannabis extracts. Extracts are in the form of waxes because they vaporize quickly when compared to dry herbs, which are better smoked in a joint.

Another main difference between dabbing and other methods of consuming cannabis is the kick it gives. Dabbing creates what smokers call a “gargantuan high,” which the consumers get with just one hit.

Head over to Grasscity for more information about what are dabs, the ultimate guide, and its safety concerns.

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The main difference between vaping and smoking cannabis is the substance that is being inhaled – vapor vs smoke. A vaporizer is a battery powered device that uses heat to produce a vapor of cannabis.

This vapor is produced as a result of combustion, and the consumers get a potent high by inhaling the pure vapor. The only downside is that the high lingers for only a moment and slowly fades away.

Another reason vaping is becoming popular is the vaporizers’ lack of smell. They come in a lot of shapes and sizes so that its consumers can be discrete while using them.

Vaporization is also different because it accommodates every type of cannabis. From dry herbs to shatter to wax, you can vape anything if you have the right vaporizer that specializes in their use.

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The Bottom Line

To sum it up, vaping and dabbing have clear advantages over traditional ways of using dry herbs and waxes. The kick and high that you can get from these two is an enticing experience. Most people who want to try dabbing or vaping are just bored with rolling up joints.

But, dabbing or vaping cannabis isn’t for everyone the same way hard alcohol isn’t for anyone. If you think you can handle dabs and vapes, check DabbingPro.com and you will be entering into a whole new world of joy you didn’t know existed.

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