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Danny Sloat: Hacks on Master Growing

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Born in Boulder, Danny Sloat, Founder of @AlpinStash, grew up enjoying the great outdoors, but began suffering from chronic stomach pains in his early 20s. Despite several extended hospitalizations, doctors were unable to deliver a correct diagnose and began treating him with increasingly heavy doses of opiate pain medications.

Further complications included thoracic outlet syndrome and a non-cancerous brain tumor, both of which required surgeries to fix and ever-growing doses of medications.

By 2009, he was on 19 different prescription medications, disengaged with life, becoming overweight and falling deeper into depression.

Upon the urging of his father, he got his first medical cannabis card in December of that year. Shortly after beginning this plant-based treatment, Danny’s life began to change rapidly.

Growing cannabis became the reason for him to get out of bed and gave him the drive to improve his health and life. By mid 2010, he had lost 70 pounds and weaned himself off of pain medications completely.

Danny credits using and growing cannabis with saving his life and seeks to give back as much as he can to this amazing plant.

Danny’s journey inspired him to develop AlpinStash, the licensed Colorado-based company known for healthy and beautiful cannabis cultivated using all-natural methods.

As owner and master grower, Danny oversees AlpinStash’s operations and also consults in the industry on business development, cultivation technique, compliance and transparency.

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Small-batch, grown-with-love, hand-trimmed and glass-cured to perfection, AlpinStash is a leader in the craft cannabis movement.

Read our Q&A below to learn more about Danny and his relationship with cannabis.


Ganjly: What is your background and what made you decide to pursue a career in cannabis?

I have always enjoyed container and raised bed gardening. Gardening had always been therapeutic for me and once I saw the healing and life changing effects that cannabis (both growing and ingesting) had on me, I very quickly dedicated myself to this path and decided to pursue growing as a career. I took horticulture classes and worked in the indoor/hydroponic gardening industry.


Ganjly: How did MMJ help you with your health and losing weight?

The first thing cannabis did was help a lot with pain control. This allowed and inspired me to get out of bed and become active once again. I began doing things that I used to enjoy such as hiking and rock climbing. Growing cannabis was also a huge part of my recovery. Growing gave me reason to get out of bed and a goal to work towards.


Ganjly: What is the most challenging experience you have had in the cannabis industry so far?

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Our biggest challenge has been a being small family owned operation in an industry which has quickly become dominated and steered by big money and corporations. There is also a lot of misinformation out there on what craft/boutique cannabis is and isn’t. Until the consumer is educated and exposed to a truly craft product companies will continue to take advantage by claiming this and charging a premium.


Ganjly: What is your proudest moment since you started down this path of being an entrepreneur in the cannabis space?

Opening AlpinStash and being able to employe my lovely wife.


Ganjly: What makes AlpinStash different from other cannabis companies?

We are a small family/grower owned company completely dedicated to growing a clean product and to the mantra of Quality First. We can do this because we are a small group, there’s just four of us and we all share a passion for growing and for cannabis in general.  Being a small farm we are able to give each plant the love that they deserve. We hand water, hand trim and glass cure everything. We have a robust breeding program which allows us to offer many unique and exotic cultivars to suit everyone. We support the companies which share in our passion and dedication.  These include Grain Fed Earthworm Castings and Nectar for the Gods, a natural and sustainable nutrient line made from clean ingredients and rain water. We strongly believe in sharing information and empowering everyone to grow their own. To this end we are completely transparent with our growing techniques, knowledge and ingredients.  We also have a YouTube channelwhere we answer questions and demonstrate what we know.

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Thank you Danny for taking out the time to do the interview. To know more about Danny and AlpinStash, go to

About AlpinStash

AlpinStash’s mission is to provide the highest quality, cleanest, healthiest cannabis grown with care by Colorado natives.

AlpinStash’s standards are set by personal experience as both cannabis users and growers. AlpinStash is responsible, ethical and inspired to grow in innovative and unique ways.

The health of AlpinStash’s plants and by proxy, customers, is their number one priority; AlpinStash believes plant production should never come at the expense of human health, or the health of our planet.

Local, sustainable and artisanal are second nature to AlpinStash and the team prides themselves on upholding those values. Above everything, AlpinStash cultivates plants with love.

They are always free of toxic chemicals and fed the highest quality, sustainably-sourced, natural nutrients available. Healthy plants make healthy people.


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