Dark Heart Alchemy Interview

Ganjly had an awesome time talking to Founder and President of Dark Heart Alchemy, Dan Grace. Daniel Grace is a respected pioneer, business leader, activist and expert in the California cannabis industry. Grace founded Dark Heart Nursery in 2007 and has spent the last nine years pioneering the B2B nursery niche and growing the business into California’s most highly regarded purveyor of cannabis clones.
Building on the success of Dark Heart Nursery, in 2015 Grace led his team of Dark Heart alchemists on the creation and introduction of the Alchemy line of botanical-infused cannabis vaporizer pens, developed to fill the needs of new and lapsed users who want a moderate potency product and a consistent, controlled experience they can trust.
Grace also serves as a director for the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA), an organization that represents medical cannabis businesses throughout California and advocates on behalf of members to state representatives in Sacramento and at a local level.
In 2016 Grace launched and chaired CCIA’s Agricultural Subcommittee which serves to increase awareness of cannabis agricultural issues and serves as a resource for state regulators on cannabis agriculture. Grace also helped develop CCIA legislative strategy and its Political Action Committee.
Through his pioneering work with Dark Heart Nursery and Alchemy, as well as the California Cannabis Industry Association, Grace has an intimate understanding of the complicated and ever-evolving cannabis industry in California and beyond. Looking ahead, Grace plans to continue his his leadership role in protecting, fostering and advocating for this burgeoning industry.
Mr. Grace answers the following questions in our Dark Heart Alchemy Interview:

1. What is your background? How did you get started into the business of Alchemy?
3. Have you faced many challenges while working in the cannabis market?
4. What is your relationship to cannabis?
5. How has Alchemy’s products helped your customers?
6. What is the most exciting thing about what you are doing?
What is the situation right now in California for the cannabis industry? (in terms of legislation and hopes and changes)

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For more information, go to http://alchemyblends.com/

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