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David Goldstein: CEO of Potbotics, the Data Aggregation and Tech Company in the Medical Cannabis Market

Dave Goldstein is the CEO of PotBotics. @PotBotics is the leading data aggregation and technology company focused on the global medical cannabis market.

The company develops unique IOT cannabis consumption technologies, such as RYAH, by utilizing a robust artificial intelligence platform that aggregates and correlates HIPAA-compliant medical data.

At its core, PotBotics’ mission is to help doctors and patients personalize cannabis to better predict treatment outcomes.

We had the honor of interviewing Dave. Read on to learn more about him and his company Potbotics as well as technologies they developed like RYAH.

What is your background and what drew you to the cannabis industry?


Dave Goldstein: My background is in marketing and project management. I originally had a firm that focused on working with start-ups looking to build crowdfunding campaigns. My passion for the medical cannabis industry started at a young age. Growing up in California, I was able to witness first hand not only when the medical market first took root, but also when it began to gear towards the recreational user. I have always had strong beliefs in a patient’s right to use cannabis medicinally and have translated these beliefs directly into our company’s mission. Since the day we were incorporated, our driving forces have been to de-stigmatize the medicinal use of cannabis and provide trusted education to all those interested.

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Tell us about Potbotics. What do you do and what is your mission?

Dave Goldstein: PotBotics is the leading data aggregation and technology company focused on the global cannabis market. The PotBotics cloud is a robust artificial intelligence platform that aggregates and correlates HIPAA compliant medical data alongside the most up to date PubMed research. PotBotics focuses on collecting and translating this data in order to help healthcare providers and patients personalize their cannabis treatments to better predict outcomes. In order to accomplish this mission, PotBotics has the #1 marijuana app in the app store, PotBot, which allows patients to find what strain may work best for them, record and track different strains used, and even find further research on how cannabis is being utilized in treating their specific conditions.

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Tell us about RYAH. What makes it stand out from other vaporizers?

Dave Goldstein: RYAH is the first dose-measuring vaporizer that gives users an unprecedented level of control and accuracy over their cannabis medication session in order to ensure a consistent, reliable experience each and every time. RYAH’s active airflow and temperature management allow for unprecedented control over sessions, such as the ability to set inhalation limits to prevent overconsumption. RYAH utilizes pre-filled, disposable, tamper-proof cartridges in order to create a closed-loop system to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the product each and every time. RYAH’s companion app enables the users to not only record, but also go back and access their own data in an easy to understand format.

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What are some of the difficulties you’ve experienced when launching RYAH?

Dave Goldstein: The biggest difficulty with launching RYAH is definitely the scaling into multiple states. Each state has different legislation, gatekeepers, marketing considerations, and packaging rules. It makes a very nuanced approach that takes time to nurture. We’re excited about rolling this out to all the US but it’s not an overnight strategy.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had thus far?

Dave Goldstein: There have been many moments that have been rewarding but one that stands out was when we were focus grouping our new dose-measuring vaporizer – RYAH. We had a PTS patient that stopped medicating with vaporizers/smokables because she couldn’t properly dose. Inhaling too much made her feel paranoid and was really more of an adverse effect than a positive one. When she saw and used the RYAH and was able in real time see how much she was inhaling, she made a comment about how this was the experience she had been waiting for to give her the confidence to use vaporizers again. When you spend months working on hardware, you’re never really sure how the user experience will be until someone outside of the team tries it. To me, it was a special moment that I hope to share with more patients across the world.

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Do you have any advice for hopeful entrepreneurs looking to get into the cannabis industry?

Dave Goldstein: My advice to hopeful entrepreneurs is to pick a niche. The cannabis industry is thriving but it’s impossible to appeal to every type of cannabis consumer because it’s an extremely diverse target market. Think hard about your brand, your values, and how a roll-out would look like. It’s an industry that’s constantly changing but if you know your company and your market, it will be easier to pivot to the changing landscape.

Thank you so much, Dave, for taking the time to do the interview. To learn more, head on over to their website 


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