Delta Botanicals Review: CBD-Infused Gummy Bears with a Bang

delta botanicals

Delta Botanicals 10mg Hemp Oil Gummies










What We Love

  • Delicious
  • Great Quality Ingredients
  • Good noticeable effects on the body
  • Relaxing effect


  • A little bit too pricey for 15 gummies in a bottle

@DeltaCBD Company Overview:

Who doesn’t love gummy bears? Children and adults like adorable, sweet, and yummy gummy bears. Delta Botanicals came up with their new Hemp Oil Gummies.

Traditionally, the gummy bear is usually made of sugar, starch, gelatin, citric acid and glucose syrup. The recipe, however, may vary.

For example, organic gummy bears have a different mixture for vegetarians out there. Those who have strict religious dietary needs may have slightly different gummy bears.

But for hemp lovers out there, Delta Botanical’s CBD Gummy Bears are the best gummy bears for you.

Every bite of the gummy bear is infused with CBD. Who says gummy bears cannot have that extra kick?

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Every time you eat the gummy bear, you can get the effect of CBD. Whether you want to look for unique ways to get CBD or enjoy the sweetness of Gummy Bears but with a different twist, CBD-infused Gummy Bears are perfect for you.

These CBD-infused Gummy Bears can be your source of easy, regular dose of CBD.

Every bottle of this product has  15 pieces of 10-mg CBD Gummies. Gummies come in assorted flavors.

Take your pick: Whether it is pineapple, strawberry, orange, apple, and lemon—you can get the perfect CBD Gummy Bear for you.


Assorted Flavors:

Hemp Oil
10mg Pure CBD (for every Gummy Bear)
Organic Cane Sugar
Natural Flavoring
Citric Acid
Coconut Oil
Natural Coloring

Each Gummy Bear is tasty and chewy. Every bite leaves you craving more of that gummy and THC goodness of every Gummy Bear.

This is ideal for somebody who has a sweet tooth or anyone who wants to have an easy and regular dosage of CBD.

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Carrying bottles of Gummy Bears are fairly easy. You would be surprised that these Gummy Bears can easily become part of your regular diet, taken as a supplement.

Taking about three Gummy Bears a day will give you a calming feeling throughout the day. We tried it and our body felt the benefits of CBD.

These Gummy Bears taste amazing. They are delicious. This, despite that most CBD oil, gives users a quite distinct taste and even an unusual flavor.

These Gummy Bears just tasted like your ordinary Gummy Bears that you love.

For those who have problems sleeping, these CBD-infused Gummy Bears from Delta Botanicals can help you relax in the evenings.

Get that much-needed comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.

These Gummy Bears are also legal across all states. So you do not have to worry whether you are carrying something that might prove questionable or downright illegal.

In conclusion, if you want to try hemp oil, a good way is in Delta Botanical’s Hemp Oil Supplement Gummies.

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