Dipstick Vapes Review: The Multi-functional Dipper Starter Pack You Need

Dipstick Vapes Dipper: Charcoal










Ease of Use


What We Love

  • Eliminates the need for extra tools
  • Switchable to Quartz Crystal Atomizer
  • Easy to clean, tips are replaceable
  • Allows users to consume concentrates directly from their containers
  • Convenient and super easy to use


  • A bit pricey but great value for your money

@dipdevices are something any cannabis enthusiast should have. The Dipper Starter Pack is a multi-functional vaporizer that can vape concentrates in various different ways.

For instance, the pack’s vapor tip atomizer offers convenience and simplicity, letting you dab even without using a rig and torch.


The pack’s quartz crystal atomizer, on the other hand, allows users to load in the same manner a traditional pen does but it gives a full pack of true dab.

It answers many of the concerns that usually happen with your ordinary packable pens such as messes, clogs, leaks, among others. 

In addition, Dipstick Vapers offers outstanding flavor compared with other dab devices.

Below are the features of the Dipper Starter Pack:


• Innovative Vapor Tip Atomizer which is replaceable
• Quartz Crystal Atomizer which is replaceable
• Instant-heat coil
• Compact Design
• Comes with a one-year, no-hassle warranty
• Durable
• Micro-USB rechargeable battery
• Dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap

The starter park came from the rebranded Dipstick Vapes (DSV), which was relaunched sometime in January 2017.

DSV is known in the industry for providing high-end, quality products to a market that seems to be continuously expanding.

DSV assures the product to be of top-quality, original, and well-suited to its customers.

Our Final Thoughts

Vaporizers are frequent methods for dabbing since they are convenient, inconspicuous, and in most cases, the most portable choice.

The variations between pens are different features such as adjustable temperatures, various types of atomizers as well as unique mouthpieces.

It is very important to that you also know how to change the temperature especially if you are looking for more quality taste than the mere vapor production coming out of your vape.

Atomizers can also help determine the smoothness and taste of the puff you are getting, but this depends on the materials as well as the design that are involved.

In some cases, vaporizers may come with unique mouthpieces that offer water filtration. They also come in various shapes that can help you enhance the dabs once you have vaporized them.

Whichever model you want to go with, most –if not all—vaporizers can be the best companion for you when it comes to dabbing, easily, on the move.

Not all people can remain at home and use their everyday driver dab rig. However, that does not mean they cannot stay high outside their homes with concentrates all throughout the day.

There are cases when it can be tough when you use a torch, especially when you are outside your house and do not have the pocket space you need.

Whether you are working very long hours, running a variety of errands, or just simply cannot stay at home all day, you may want to look and consider this starter pack for all the dabbing needs immediately on the go.

For more information or if you want to buy Dipper Starter Pack, check out the company at .

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