The Perfect Guide For Passing that Infuriating Drug Test

    Passing A Drug Test

    Nowadays more and more companies are opting drug tests. I bet you know at least one person who uses recreational drugs.

    While it’s fun at times, they shouldn’t interfere with your professional life or your dream job.

    Unfortunately, we still need to go through with these tests.

    Well, you’ll be happy to know that you can, in fact, beat the system. But only if you’re smart enough and do your research well.

    Luckily for you, this article is here to make your job easier.

    So keep reading to find out how you can pass a drug test with flying colors!

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    Factors That Will Affect Your Drug Test

    There are a few factors that greatly impact your drug tests. So, you should definitely keep this list in mind if you want to avoid being detected.

    How Often are You Exposed to the Drug?

    If you have weed, say once a month, it won’t show up on certain tests. But if you’re smoking every week, there’s a chance it might be caught.

    Also, you should remember that drugs like marijuana can be found in your system even if you’re not smoking.

    How? Well if you hang out with someone while they smoke, you’re still ingesting the drug passively. And it might even accumulate in your hair.

    So, the more you use or the more exposed you are to the drug, the more it will build up in your body.

    The Faster the Metabolism, the Better

    For people with a high metabolism, drugs leave the system faster. Because of this, the effect of the drug won’t last long.

    This also means that you won’t be staying high as long as you’d like.

    But fast metabolism is ideal if you have a drug test you need to pass. A good way to boost metabolism is to exercise.

    If you exercise regularly, your excretion speeds up as well.

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    A Higher Body Mass Index Will Help

    Do you know how they say bigger people can handle more alcohol? Well, that’s not wrong, even in the case of drugs.

    What’s more, having a larger BMI may also come in handy for detection tests as well.

    When you have a bigger body, there’s a lot more liquid content. This basically means that the metabolites from your drug consumption are less concentrated.

    High Body Fat Content is Bad

    While larger BMIs are good for avoiding detection, people with high body fat content are more likely to be caught.

    Fat soluble drugs can accumulate in fatty tissue. So, these are easily picked up by tests even if you haven’t taken the drug recently.

    What’s more, higher fat content entails lower metabolism, which is not ideal for avoiding detection.

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    Your Age Matters

    It’s obvious that age changes how our bodies function. When we get older, our metabolism starts slowing down and we gain more weight as well.

    In fact, our bodies can’t remove drug residue as efficiently as before either.

    And did you know that tolerance levels increase with age too? The small doses you used to take when you were 20 won’t have the same effect when you’re 30.

    To get the desired results, you’ll have to increase your quantity and frequency of consumption. This will obviously show up on your test.

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    How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your Body?

    The duration that a drug remains in your body is the first thing you should know to avoid detection.

    It’s important to note that drug residues are retained in hair follicles for the longest time.

    But for blood and urine samples, here’s a general guideline:


    THC includes drugs like Cannabis, Hash, Marijuana, and Cannabinoids.

    • Bloodstream – Up to 14 days
    • Urine – Up to 30 days (even 3 months for heavy smokers)


    • Bloodstream – Around 1 or 2 days
    • Urine – Around 3 to 4 days


    Popular examples of amphetamines are Speed, Meth, and Crack

    • Bloodstream – Up to 12 hours
    • Urine – About 1 to 3 days


    Drugs like PCP and Angel Dust are considered as Phencyclidines.

    • Bloodstream – Up to 24 hours
    • Urine – Up to 7 days (4 weeks for heavy users).


    • Bloodstream – Around 12 hours
    • Urine – 3 to 5 days


    Types of opiates include Opium, Heroin, Morphine, and Codeine. The duration of detection basically depends on what kind you’re taking and varies with each test.

    For Codeine:

    • Bloodstream- 12 hours
    • Urine – 24 hours

    For Morphine:

    The Best Ways to Pass a Drug Test

    So, what exactly are the most effective ways to pass a drug test? Well, there’s no sure-fire, easy solution.

    But there’s a good chance of evasion if you’re well informed. Here are a few tips to help you out.

    I’ll be honest with you. The best way to beat the drug test is to stop and wait. This is quite difficult, but it’s also the most effective.

    The tests are designed to detect drugs, so of course, testers know what to look for.

    So, my top advice would definitely be to wait until the drug is naturally out of your body.

    Other than that you can go through a cleansing and detox program.

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    Cleansing and Detox Programs

    If you don’t have enough time to wait it out, cleansing and detox is your next best option. Here are the best ways to get rid of the drug residues from your body.

    Amp Up the Water, Vitamins and Creatinine Intake

    Stop taking the drug immediately and start drinking plenty of water. But that you drank a lot of water will be obvious in your test.

    This is because your sample will be more diluted.

    That’s why you should also add in detox drinks containing vitamins and creatinine to your diet.

    Although detox drinks are fast, they’re also a bit expensive and can cause diarrhea.

    You could also opt for Vitamin B and creatine supplements separately. These help to concentrate your urine.

    They also hide the fact that you’ve suddenly started gulping unnatural amounts of water.

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    Eat Healthy and Exercise

    If you’ve got more time at hand, stop taking the drug at least a month before your test.

    You’ll need to make a few lifestyle changes to completely detoxify your body. This involves getting plenty of rest and making sure you’re eating healthy.

    Never skip breakfast and have an early dinner. And you should definitely stay away from coffee, sugar and carbonated drinks.

    Eating loads of green veggies like broccoli and kale will also improve your metabolism.

    Try drinking lemon juice as well because it has Vitamin C which is great for metabolism and reduction of fat.

    Basically, you want your metabolism to increase and body fat to decrease, through healthier lifestyle choices.

    It’s also important to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

    Try to carry out intense physical activity, as this is a good metabolism booster and detoxification method.

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    Tips on Passing Common Drug Tests

    I’ve covered all the main, effective measures for passing drug tests in general. But here’s are a few extra tips on specific drug tests that will come in handy.

    Blood Tests

    Blood tests for drug detection aren’t common as it’s pretty expensive and invasive.

    It’s also very difficult to escape detection in blood tests, so I’d just wait until the drug residues are naturally gone.

    But if you haven’t got that much time, detox, which we’ve already talked about, will help.

    Urine Test

    For urine tests with crunched time, drink lots of water beforehand. Try to pee a few times before the test.

    And when it’s time for you to give in a sample, pee a little before you actually start filling to the cup. This will reduce the concentration of metabolites in the sample.

    And, there’s always the option of using someone else’s urine sample instead of yours.

    But if your company is using advanced technology, it’s very likely that they’ll be able to tell the difference.

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    Saliva Test

    This is the easiest test to pass, especially if you’re into weed. Just make sure you stop smoking at least two days before the test.

    Brush your teeth thoroughly and use a mouthwash for extra measure. And don’t forget to clean out your cheeks and tongue!

    You could also chew gum to get rid of the toxins. Even consuming heavy food and drinking lots of water before the test will help.

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    Hair Test

    This test is quite popular and also the most accurate. And it’s definitely not easy to evade.

    Think of it this way – blood and urine get renewed but hair stays for a long time. This basically drug residues are retained for larger periods.

    So how exactly can you pass a hair drug test? 

    Well, other than detox and cleansing, shaving off your hair is the best solution. You can rest assured that your new hair will be drug residue free if you don’t use the drug again.

    But if you shave your hair a day before the test, it’s safe to say the testers will suspect you. So, make sure you do the shaving earlier.

    Also, if you don’t have hair, you’re not excused from the test. They’ll just take hair samples for somewhere else. But since body hair follicles grow slower, recent drug use might not be detected that easily.

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    Other Hair Test Solutions

    Although shaving your hair is a better option, people also swear by certain remedies.

    Put on white vinegar on the hair for 10-15 minutes. Then, apply some salicylic acid and keep it on for 30 minutes.

    After this, use some detergent on your hair and then wash it off. This should get rid of any drug residue.

    You could also opt for detox shampoos. But you should make sure they work and are from a trusted source.

    Usually, such detox shampoos that are actually efficient are quite expensive.

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    Final Thoughts

    Well, now you’ve read everything to know about passing drug tests. I hope this information will help you out in some way.

    Just make sure you’re not being stupid and relying on questionable home remedies.

    There’s really no miracle solutions, just the use of your brain and patience.

    Remember, testers are trained to detect suspicious behavior. And let’s not forget how much science has advanced.

    So, if you really can’t afford to fail, I’d suggest you take the natural route of elimination or stop taking drugs completely.

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