Fall Gift Guide: 17 Awesome Products

Looking for some awesome gifts for your buddy or loved one? Check out these awesome products that have just been launched this year.


Check out fifteen unique products for our gift guide this year and just in time to celebrate the Fall Season. We chose these products because we have tested them and loved them. Give these gifts to your loved ones or get one for yourself.

Rhythm Relax

rhythm relax cbd seltzer

Rhythm Sparkling Beverages makers of delicious Hemp Beverages have added a new drink to their collection, Rhythm Relax. This seltzer is inspired by the refreshing cucumber water that you find in a spa or luxury hotel. It’s infused with cucumber and honeydew, plus 25mg of hemp extract and 100mg of L-Theanine. L-Theanine is the amino acid found primarily in green tea and helps promote relaxation without drowsiness. It also reduces stress and anxiety. CBD also helps by delivering calm vibes to your mind. Reach your bliss with the new refreshing Rhythm Relax.


Highsman Light-Weight Full-Zip Hoodie

highsman hoodie

The Highsman has been well known as a lifestyle brand with its premium collection of apparel, cannabis, and accessories. This fall, check out the Highsman Light-Weight Full-Zip Hoodie. It goes with any of your outfits! It’s a full zip, drawstring hoodie, unisex, tagless, and has 2 front pockets. This stylish and comfortable hoodie is made from premium cotton and features an elegant embroidered “H” logo on the chest. It’s very lightweight so it’s perfect for the Fall Season!

EightySix Delta-8 Pre-Rolls

delta 8 pre rolls

The EightySix brand has been well known for its premium hemp products. And a new addition to their collection is their Delta-8 pre-rolls. Yes, you read it right. They’ve made it convenient for their consumers and have created Delta-8 distillate-infused pre-rolls stored in individual tubes. Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of perfectly ground hemp flower and is produced GMO-free. The pre-rolls come in 5 aromatic flavors: Berry Slush, Boo Berry, Grape Soda, Jen and Berry’s, and Piña Express.


Sharper Image Powerboost Move Massager

sharper image powerboost move massager

Give the gift of healing this fall with Sharper Image’s Powerboost Move Massager. It’s small, quiet, easy to use and convenient that you can bring it with you wherever you go. It’s great for sports recovery and includes 4 intensity levels and 4 attachments: round, cone, fork, and flat. Plug it in to recharge and use it for 2 hours as a wireless massager. This massager can target sore muscles, those tight knots and help relieve tension with deep-tissue percussion. 

Simbi Haiti Hair Tie Bracelet Sets

simbi hair tie bracelet sets

We love the Simbi product line as it’s female-founded and the production is based in Haiti. This fashion accessory brand’s mission is to improve lives one accessory at a time. Their products are hand-cut and tied by artisans. It comes in different colors and patterns. Their hair-tie bracelets are also ocean and water-friendly. What we love most about it is that it won’t bend, break rip or crease your hair.


Da Vinci IQ2

da vinci iq2

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DaVinci is at work again and this time around, they’ve launched the greatest Da Vinci IQ2 vaporizer that is offering simply the best cannabis smoking experience. Compatible with dry herbs and extracts, this new dual vape is really flexible and can last for 72 minutes on a single charge. This next-gen Da Vinci IQ2 is equipped with a technology that lets you adjust the airflow and temperature. It is one of the best vaporizers available in the market and it’s definitely an improved version of its predecessor. 

J’Adore Oui’d Tabletop Torch Lighter

J'ADORE OUI'D TABLETOP TORCH LIGHTERCanna Style is a woman-owned and operated smoke ware brand. They produce luxury cannabis accessories with style and function in mind. They recently launched a Parisian-themed collection called Stoners in Paris. Its newest collection of fashion-forward cannabis accessories includes a dainty wine bottle glass piece, macaroon stash jars, and a vintage rose gold tabletop lighter. The J’adore Oui’d tabletop torch lighter is a sure-fire hit at your next sesh! Pun intended. It’s refillable with Butane Fluid and features a powerful double torch flame. The flint is included as well. This French-inspired collection encourages female cannabis consumers to boldly flaunt their oui’d lifestyle!

CBD Living CBD + THC Gummies

CBD Living CBD + THC Gummies

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Get your daily dose of full spectrum hemp extract with CBD Living’s CBD+THC Gummies. Each gummy contains 25 mg of proprietary Nano CBD and 5mg Nano THC per serving. This is 2018 Farm Bill compliant and with a ratio of 5:1 CBD:THC. These gummies are also vegan in a delicious fruity Pomegranate flavor. You get a very balanced experience with these gummies. It’s manufactured using CBD Living’s Proprietary Water Soluble Technology that allows for 30-minutes, fast-acting results. CBD Living products are sold nationwide in over 5,000 stores. All products are also sold online, with free shipping to all US states on orders over $75. 

COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner, Special Edition

coolify neck air conditioner

We’re in the midst of summer, and experiencing some of the hottest days of the year right now. You’ve probably seen people wearing little fans around their neck to keep cool, but why stop there? Technology has progressed far beyond fans, and Torras has capitalized on this by creating the COOLIFY 2 – the first wireless, rechargeable, wearable air conditioning system. 
How does this new type of wearable work? The COOLIFY 2 uses what is known as a thermoelectric cooler, also known as a Peltier-Seebeck effect cooler, making the COOLIFY 2 quiet and efficient. The coolers rest against the veins in the neck where blood flow is highest, allowing both cooling and heating to be applied to the whole body. Sensors in the pads prevent it from being uncomfortable, measuring skin temperature many times per second. It also has three different cooling and heating levels, as well as a fan-only mode. 
When the weather turns cold, you don’t need to put the COOLIFY 2 away for the winter – it also has the ability to heat! By simply reversing the current going into the cooling pads with the touch of a button, they become heaters, making COOLIFY 2 better than any scarf. We have been using the COOLIFY 2 here in Texas where the heat can become unbearable. Whether working in the car, going to the gym, or playing outside, the COOLIFY 2 has made us much more comfortable. 
Torras provided the COOLIFY 2 Limited Edition with a 5000mah battery, which is the top model right now. Battery life is very good, giving over 2 hours of operation on the lower settings and just under 2 hours on high. Using it as only a fan will give you 18 hours of operation! We like the USB-C charging, and charging is pretty fast on a good high wattage charger. Product support is really good as well, they got right back to me when I asked a question about it. This is one of the best new products we’ve seen in awhile and hope to see more from Torras as they continue to evolve the product line.

Escape Artists THC Relief Cream

thc relief cream

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Get a spa experience with Escape Artists’ THC-infused topical creams. Its pharma-grade, water-based creams are created with purified cannabidiol and cannabis extracts that are never greasy. It enhances skin penetration at the cellular level, bringing the cannabinoids deeper into the skin in minutes. The THC-infused topical creams are made from premium ingredients without parabens or phthalates. These topicals are great if you’re coping with chronic pain, aches, and stiffness. It’s available in the following aromatic spa scents: Rose with Bergamot, Cedar & Black Pepper, Lavender and Menthol. It comes in the following formulations of 1:1 CBD:THC ratio: 300mg and 800mg.

G Pen Hyer

g pen hyer

G Pen is reinventing the e-nail with safety, durability, and precise performance in mind with their newest powerful vaporizer, the G Pen Hyer. The Hyer produces better flavor and bigger vapor with its powerful heating element cased in a lightweight, anodized aluminum housing. This vaporizer is great for concentrate or dry herb consumption that can be paired with any glass-on-glass water piece.


  • It comes pre-programmed with five heat settings for quick temperature control
  • Automatically shuts off when timed.
  • In just 30 seconds, the G Pen Hyer®️ heats up to a wide range of temperatures between 482°F/250°C to 842°F/450°C.
  • A simple three-button operation offers fast activation
  • Features a 6,000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Offers rapid, pass-through charging via USB-C. 

Buddha Beans Coffee

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Tired of the same coffee flavor? Buddha Beans Coffee is here to rescue you with its wide range of CBD-infused coffee from Burundi, Columbia, Ethiopia, Decaf Columbia, and Mexico plantations. We love their delicious micro-roasted coffee! What impressed us is that they roast coffee and infuse the CBD in-house and that assures us of the quality they offer. It’s made from fair-trade coffee beans from around the world and third-party lab tests make sure that you’re getting great value for their money. Try their newest product, 100% compostable k-cup pods that pack in more coffee than regular k-cups. These cups have 20mg of coffee in every serving. Try their sample trio flight too that includes each of their signature single-origin roasts: Mexico, Columbia, and Ethiopia.

Revelry Continental 

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This Revelry Continental duffel bag will make sure that everything inside the bag is completely safe and sound with its amazing features. The Revelry Continental is completely water-proof and has secret pockets as well to keep your stashes hidden. Another perk of this duffel bag is that it’s featured carbon filtering and won’t let the smell of dry herbs leave the bag.

Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee

willies remedy cbd coffee

Do you start your day with coffee? Willie Nelson’s CBD coffee will make sure that you’re wide awake. Famous country singer, Willie Nelson created Willie’s Remedy, a line of awesome CBD products. Made from the highest quality hemp oil, Willie Nelson’s CBD-infused Coffee is one of the best full-spectrum CBD coffee available in the market. It’s available in Dark, Decaf and Medium blends. We love the taste of their coffee and it didn’t give us the jitters when we drank a 24oz of Dark Roast blend.

Willie’s Remedy CBD Tea

Feeling down or just need to relax? Willie’s Remedy Tea will make you feel good in no time. It is infused with the highest quality organic full-spectrum hemp oil which can help your immune system. The best thing about this CBD-infused tea is that it’s an all-natural product and does not contain any artificial product. Willie’s Remedy Tea is available in chamomile, peppermint, green, black and hibiscus flavors. Our favorite is the chamomile and the hibiscus. This is a must-try.

The Clear Apothecary Line

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Looking for CBD skincare? The Clear CBD got you covered with their amazing line-up of CBD products. They are offering broad-spectrum CBD tinctures(750mg and 1500mg), AM & PM capsules, 500mg salves, and lip balms that have 100mg of CBD. The morning capsules contain 100mg of caffeine and the PM capsules contain 3mg of melatonin to relax you. All these CBD-infused products are manufactured either to help you perk you up with your day or wind you down for sleep. It’s pretty great.

Manna Vella

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MANNA Vella is a pretty unique CBD serum. Their scientists use proprietary liposomal technology to create it. It was created to help with women’s sexual health and enhance pleasure. It is paraben-free and condom compatible. The formulation was developed to give you the maximum CBD bioavailability and absorption.

Genesee Nutrition

genesee nutrition cbdCheck Price

Genesee is committed to making great-tasting, broad-spectrum CBD products for wellness warriors. The ingredients are naturally-sourced. Their THC-free goodies are designed to help athletic performance and recovery. Try their healthy CBD Protein Bars, Wellness Shot, or their delicious Vanilla Chai Plant-Based Protein Powder. Each delicious protein bar is packed with 20 grams of whey plant-based protein, 5 mg of water-soluble CBD for higher bioavailability and boasts a healthy take on two popular flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy and Cookies n’ Cream. Order online for $39.99 for a 12- pack. This is great if you need on-the-go nutrition or you’re just plain hungry. Their Vanilla Chai Plat-Based Protein Powder packs a powerful punch with 20g of protein and 50mg of hemp extract per serving.  

More Lit Energy Drink

more lit energy drink

More Lit Energy Drink aims to combine both caffeine and Delta-8 THC. This 60ml energy drink has 10mg of Delta-8 and 80mg of caffeine. Because of this formulation, the consumers feel focused and alert without the jittery effects of caffeine. It’s a great gift idea for that special someone that loves coffee. Most CBD and cannabis-infused beverages have a weird taste but More Lit comes in a delicious and refreshing Piña Colada flavor which we love!


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