Tuesday, December 7, 2021

FDA Update: Insider Access to the FDA Hearing last May 31

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“It really is clear that there was overwhelming support for what we were proposing which is for the FDA to develop final regulations that would clarify that CBD could be added to foods and could be sold as a nutritional supplement. And that those REGULATIONS AND RULES should be put together as quickly as possible. THAT There is a cloud hanging over the industry and that cloud will only be removed when THE FDA will take action.

I’m very hopeful that the FDA takes all this information, scientific information and safety information very seriously I think what’s EVEN more important though that July 2nd is the deadline for folks to submit their formal comment and we will be submitting ours there. BUT These will be very detailed comments including data and scientific research that demonstrate the safety of CBD.

And I’m hopeful that with that information the FDA will be able to start moving forward quickly in terms of developing regulation.”

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Jonathan is optimistic that in the next 12 months, FDA will develop the regulations.

Studies for CBD are currently being done by the industry and by universities and some of the results were shared at the hearing and others will be provided in the detailed comments.

The World Health Organization and FDA itself has opined that CBD is safe and not addictive. There is more research to be done in terms of CBD dosage and interaction with other medicines.

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable was featured in a some of the nation’s leading news outlets – from the New York Times to National Public Radio to CNN to U.S. News and World Report.

Jonathan Miller, served as one of the first testifiers at the hearing, making a passionate case for the FDA to engage in an expeditious pathway toward the full legal recognition of hemp-derived CBD as a food additive and dietary supplement.

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Jonathan testified that CBD is safe and that the U.S Hemp Authority’s efforts to promote high standards, best practices and self-regulation will provide comfort to consumers, regulators and law enforcement that products are safe and legal.

Jonathan’s full written testimony can be accessed here.

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