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Finding Cheap Marijuana Seeds Available: What Do You Look For?

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Most novice growers don’t want to spend big bucks on boutique seeds. Instead, most try their hands at growing readily available and affordable varieties before moving on to invest in more obscure seeds.

That said, there are few things more important to ensuring the success of any marijuana grow than the quality of the seeds, so while it’s perfectly acceptable to look for great deals, it’s also essential to make sure the seller isn’t sacrificing quality to offer lower price points. Before buying seeds for the upcoming season, read on to find out what to look for in any budget range.

What About Growing Seeds?

Before discussing what qualities to look for in marijuana seeds, let’s dispel a common misconception. With the cheap marijuana seeds available online these days, there’s no reason to try to plant seeds found in the bottom of a bag or leftover from someone else’s grow operation of years past. A lot of people assume that they can take seeds from any crop, then use them to grow the same strain of marijuana.

In fact, marijuana plants only produce seeds when they’ve either been exposed to pollen or have been under a lot of stress. The plants grown from these typically sub-par seeds are unlikely to be healthy and hardy, and they may not even be true to seed. Don’t bother wasting the time and resources.

Qualities of a Healthy Cannabis Seed

Cannabis seeds from different strains look generally the same, as do autoflower, regular, and feminized seeds. Similarly, there’s no way to tell a male hemp plant from a female marijuana plant by the seed, alone. There are, however, a few markers of healthy seeds that any grower can look for, including:

  • Light to dark brown color
  • Burled or turtle shell pattern on the seed coat
  • A waxy, protective sheen
  • A plump, teardrop-like shape
  • Firm texture
  • Larger size compared to like seeds
  • Heavier weight

Experienced growers often evaluate the viability of seeds by using what’s known as the float test. To try it at home, just fill a glass with room-temperature water, place the seeds in the glass, and wait for a couple of hours. Any seeds that are still floating are unlikely to be viable, and the ones that have sunk to the bottom will be better prepared for the germination stage. Just make sure to wait until it’s time to plant out or germinate the seeds to try this test since it can render them unviable if they dry out afterward.

Types of Seeds

Choosing the right type of seed is largely a subjective matter. Novice growers usually prefer feminized seeds, which are guaranteed to grow into marijuana plants, while buyers with more experience might purchase regular seeds and sex the plants during the pre-flowering stage. Growers in cooler climates with shorter seasons often purchase autoflowering seeds instead of regular seeds, while those with mild temperatures year-round may prefer to grow larger photoperiod plants in outdoor gardens. When in doubt, reach out to a reputable seed bank with questions.

Place an Order Now

The 2022 growing season is already underway for people in many climates, but there’s still time to order seeds and get them started. Find a reputable seed bank that sells a wide variety of regular, autoflowering, and feminized seeds from different strains and place an order now to get the seeds as soon as possible.

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