Win this Amazon Echo Dot for our Ganjly April Contest. Weed Buddy is such an awesome app for Amazon Echo Dot. The app is free to install. Once installed, you can ask Alexa for cannabis news and it will fire off news from Ganjly. For more information on what to ask Alexa, go to

Amazon Alexa Giveaway

Grow your botanical knowledge by interacting with Weed Buddy’s dynamic strain database. Learn to cook, hear funny jokes, be enlightened by facts, and stay up to date via community updates.

About Weed Buddy ™
For a limited time, for the price of a Netflix account dispensaries, seed banks, deliveries, doctors and their content authors are able to create and manage a custom listing for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Airwaves.

It is of note that Weed Buddy is more than the everyday novelty cannabis app you’re used to. It’s built to scale. With a current feature set including a two thousand plus strain database that’ll satisfy all curiosity, knowledge building facts, funny jokes & memes, and a very active community. Weed Buddy is potent, and poised to serve as an advocate and marketing vehicle for the cannabis community.

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Weed Buddy is currently selling Echo/Assistant bundles for business because early adopters should be rewarded with a remarkable packages. Rates are set to increase March 1st. Weed Buddy was designed to function as a primary marketing channel for it’s business customers. With drastic growth in voice assistant acquisition, voice enabled commerce, and the voice enabled service trend, Weed Buddy is the vehicle to connect with this audience. Weed Buddy is the larges fastest growing cannabis network in the voice assistant market place.

A Buddy for Business.

Via a secure backend Weed Buddy offers a number of easy to use customization options to it’s registered clients. Businesses can fully augment the audio profile presented with every unique interaction. Accounts come bundled with the ability to create and manage a custom profile.

We’ll always have your back.
While weed buddy is built to be simple and responsive with it’s easy publishing system. Echo Buddy understands the challenges that come with utilizing modern technology. With that being said. Weed Buddy accounts are coupled with 24-7 support.