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Holiday Gift Guide: Sport and Lifestyle Edition

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What do you get for that fitness junkie who is obsessed with rock climbing or water sports? What do you get for a loved one that is very outgoing or an adventure-seeker? What do you get for the best friend that loves to party? We got gift ideas for those who love to workout in the gym, cook using monthly subscription groceries, or that someone who loves healthy baked goods. Below, we have some awesome and unique gift ideas for this holiday season.

FrictionLabs Chalk, The New Standard in Chalk

friction labs chalk

FrictionLabs Chalk has helped thousands of athletes in rock climbing and all sports that require dependable, long-lasting grip. Made responsibly in Denver, Colorado, and not in China, their high-purity magnesium carbonate chalk provides high absorption in one application. It’s great for all skin types and keeps hands drier for a long time so you don’t get cracked fingers. You get better performance and more fun. Check out also their newly formulated Secret Stuff Hygienic Liquid Chalk Cream that’s made with an 80% ethyl alcohol base. It’s engineered for getting you that tight grip and reducing the spread of germs and kills Covid-19 on contact.



swiminsta one piece

Swiminista aims to have a positive impact on both the environment as well as how women view their own bodies. Having a swimsuit look good standing still is one thing – but these are engineered to look good while moving. Supportive design for real-world women is a guiding principle for Swiminista, and the Peaceful Onepiece is a sexy and subtle suit made from a high-end Italian fabric – and it’s synthesized from recycled post-consumer plastics. Make a statement and a difference at the same time!


Heat Wave Visual Sunglasses

heatwave sunglasses copy

Heat Wave Visual sunglasses are rad throwback designs built for the modern era. They have sunglasses for women, men, and even for kids.  Built from polycarbonate, the Quatro sunglasses have a unique racing-inspired design with a cool gold color metal inlay. With customizable features, you’ll stand out from the crowd with any of Heat Wave’s models, from the patriotic Stars & Stripes Lazer Face to the 90s snowboarder-chic Future Tech. Check them out as they have over 50 cool designs that just might fit your lifestyle.


Maika Travel Pouch – Santa Fe

maika travel pouch

Maika has been known to make stylish and functional products for the modern woman. Their Maika bags and purses have beautiful hand-drawn patterns and are hand-printed from their studio in Oakland, California. The patterns in their bags are all original artwork from their studio. They recently released their Travel Pouch – Santa Fe that has a waterproof lining and can be used for travel or as an everyday clutch bag. It’s made with Recycled Canvas and Vegan Leather Trim making it very eco-friendly. You can also use this as a diaper pouch since the waterproof lining makes it easy to wipe down. Overall, the Travel Pouch is a must-have accessory for the modern professional woman, athlete woman or the busy mom.


Eat Me Guilt Free Baked Goodies

eat me guilt free

Founder Cristie Besu is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Sports Nutritionist. She created her Eat Me Guilt Free product line in her home kitchen in 2013. She wanted to make some guilt-free goodies for her existing clients and now her customer base has increased from athletes to bariatric patients to everyday health-conscious consumers. Their Baked Products include Cakes, Brownies, Cookies, Tortillas, and Bread. They also come in different flavors and the Red Velvet Cake is one of our favorites! Give the gift of baked goodies without feeling guilty!


THC Living Chocolate Brownie Mix

thc living brownie mix

The CBD Living folks have finally decided to create their own THC line of products, bringing the same organic, high-quality wellness products to the cannabis market. THC Living’s scientists break down THC and CBD into nanoparticles, allowing the cannabinoids greater absorption and bioavailability. Bake to get baked this season with THC Living Chocolate Brownie Mix! This delicious brownie mix contains 100 mg total nano-THC per pan (about 10 mg THC per serving) and is ideal for the creative cook. Just follow the simple directions (and add some of your favorite sweets for the munchies) and enjoy!


Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Shine makes handcrafted luxury 24K Gold Rolling Papers made with the finest edible gold. It’s so fine that even 2Chainz has been known to use these gold rolling papers. It’s also made with a hemp blend base that gives you the smoothest burn. Each paper measures 53mm x 100mm and doesn’t contain any tobacco or nicotine. Get luxury at your fingertips.


Hii Stick Delta-8 Mystery Box

delta 8 mystery box

Hii Stick produces high-quality Delta-8 products and this season they have launched their Delta-8 Mystery Box. They have created lab-tested gummies, tinctures, diffusers and vape cartridges and their lab results are seen transparently on their website. They use only the best clean and organic ingredients. Their 25mg Delta-8 gummies come in a biodegradable packaging and is keto, vegan, gluten-free and diabetic friendly. The Mystery Boxes will contain a variety of products, including tinctures, gummies and a few other surprises.


Willo Reset Produce Box

willo reset produce

Willo Reset is a great way to introduce Willo, an AI-powered, indoor vertical farm that allows individuals to monitor their own farm share through the use of a mobile app. The Willo Reset package delivers highly nutritional, quality produce to your door in January to help you achieve those new year’s resolutions. How to order: Visit willo.farm/reset What: Willo Reset produce box, two deliveries of freshly prepared, sustainably packaged offerings of produce from Willo farm including Toscano Kale, Joi Choi, Onion Microgreens, Genovese Basil, plus 15 other unique cultivars. Price: $100. When: Limited edition availability for purchase beginning November 1 through December 31. Delivery begins January 1st and the recipient receives 2 boxes.


Nutrl Vodka Seltzer

nutrl vodka seltzer

Nutrl is a tasty, vodka-based seltzer made with only three ingredients: vodka, seltzer and real fruit juice. At just 100 calories, it’s delicious, gluten-free with no added sugar. They’ve kept it very simple, light and refreshing. Nutrl comes in three delicious flavors: Raspberry, Watermelon and Pineapple. A 12-can variety pack includes 4 of each flavors while the 24-can variety pack includes 8 of each flavor. Nutrl is a perfect gift for the calorie-conscious friend who also loves to party.


Balance 7

balance 7


Ninety-one-year-old founder Alvin “Al” Siamon developed Balance7™ in 1999 after reading reports of more than 2 million people in America stricken with strep infections. During that outbreak, more than 80,000 deaths occurred. Balance7™ is a dietary supplement that increases the pH level in the body. Much of what we eat and drink is highly acidic, and this places stress on the body. Balance7 is designed to boost alkalinity in the body and assist with energy, mental acuity, and better overall health. This is achieved by reintroducing the alkaline minerals that are leached away from the body and skeleton. This also helps cancel out the effects of lactic acid during exercise – the natural alkaline mineral content will help during the workout process and make it easier to get the most out of your workouts.


Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Sleep Kit

papa and barkley sleep kit

Papa & Barkley launches their limited edition CBD Releaf Sleep Kit. Their Sleep Kit is the perfect gift for that special someone who needs help getting better sleep. Their natural nighttime essentials include a 60ml Releaf Body Oil, a 30ml Regular Strength Releaf Drops, and a silky soft limited edition Sleep Eye Mask.


Go Sili Silicone Cups and Straws

go sili

GoSili has a simple mission: waste less, and they are dedicated to making that happen. Gosili loves silicone reusables, and with good reason – they dramatically outperform the terrible and still-wasteful paper straws mandated in some states. Going further than just straws though, they have a whole line of products ranging from silicone cups, straws, to a Universal Silicone Straw Top with Straw that’s designed to turn any cup into a straw cup.  GoSili provides the best silicone, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics.


Zenbarn Farms Hierba

zenbarn farms hierba

Zenbarn Farms is based in Vermont, and is a truly family-owned and run farm that specializes in CBD-infused products. Their new Hierba is a unique “spirit” (with no alcohol) made from organic maple syrup, fermented and aged in bourbon barrels. Mixed with high-quality artisanal coffee and terpenes, this concoction defies explanation and will make a great gift for that person who has everything.


Green Roads CBD Bath Bomb and Roll-On

green roads cbd bath bombs

Introducing the Green Roads Spa Collection: Bath bombs with CBD in a variety of relaxing scents and infusions of essential oils, and essential oil roll-ons for those times when relief is needed but you’re away from the tub or spa. Green Roads’ Large CBD Bath Bomb has a citrus and lavender scent with 150 mg of CBD, creating a relaxing and soothing experience for the next time you fill the tub or home spa. The Refresh Roll-On has a calming blend of peppermint and lemon essential oils to pair with its 50mg CBD.


Rhythm Infused CBD Vegan Seltzers

rhythm seltzers

Rhythm Infused Seltzers was founded by a sommelier, and it shows – their line of mini vegan seltzers are some of the best-tasting hemp products we’ve seen yet. The seltzers are sweetened with monkfruit – a relatively unknown natural sweetener that tastes great and won’t spike your blood sugar. Combined with the CBD in it, this helps prevent the “coffee crash” many of us experience when consuming caffeinated products such as energy drinks. Including flavors such as grapefruit and rosemary, Rhythm Awake provides a smooth morning energy boost. Other options for different times of the day include Rhythm Dream, great for winding down at night, and Rhythm Recover for workout recovery.


Lifted Made Gummies


Lifted Made Gummies look just like a blister pack of gum or mints and allow for discrete dosing while on the move. Offering a wide variety of strains and isolates, Lifted Made boasts CBG, CBD, CBN, and various formulations of legal delta THC strains. Lifted Made’s CBN Urb line includes cartridges and dabs made with Cannabinol, a product that comes from the natural decarboxylation of the cannabis plant. Lifted Made also sells Delta 8, 9 & 10 variants, providing various proprietary strains such as clarity, energy, and rest.


Compass Vessel Vaporizer

compass vessel vaporizer

Compass Vessel Vaporizer makes top-of-the-line, high-quality vape pen batteries and accessories. Vessel power cells have high power capacity, optimized airflow, and wide temperature ranges. The Compass takes that philosophy and packs it into a small, ergonomic package with the highest capacity cell available for its size.

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Unshackled Wines

unshackled wines

Fine wines make for great gifts, but choosing them can be daunting. Fortunately, Unshackled created expertly crafted and approachable wines that connoisseurs and newbies alike will appreciate. Unshackled wines are great gifts for any occasion, and especially great as a Christmas gift.

  • Unshackled Red Blend 2019: A blend of Zinfandel, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Grenache, this wine opens with aromas of raspberry, blueberry and crushed violets. The perfect pairing for the winter months.
  • Unshackled Cabernet Sauvignon 2019: Featuring aromas of plum and blackberry, with a hint of olive, vibrancy is the focal point of this wine. Flavors of black stone fruit, clove, and dried herbs with solid tannin structure result in a flavor-forward Cabernet Sauvignon with balanced acidity.
  • Unshackled 2020 Sauvignon Blanc: Displays notes of melon, peach, fresh citrus, and tropical fruits, along with the addition of Chenin Blanc and Roussane, adding brightness and texture to the mouthful and creating an unmatched flavor.


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