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Grenco Science Vaporizers: Three Stylish and Quality Must-Haves for Your Vaping Needs

Grenco Science Vaporizers

starts at $24.95









Ease of Use


What We Love

  • Delivers a good amount of hit, heats up super quickly
  • Very easy to use, portable and discreet clutch
  • Great quality of materials
  • Long battery life


  • The art on the Phil Frost fades in awhile

Over the past few years, a lot of cannabis users prefer vaping their herb @Gpen rather than burning it.

After all, vaping poses many benefits compared with combustion.

Recent technological advancements have resulted in vaporizers that are smaller, more efficient, as well as more stylish and pleasing to the eye.

Grenco Science vaporizers stand out from the rest of the pack because of its quality and visually appealing vaporizers.

Here we review three of the company’s best selling vaporizers:

Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer

For use with:
Ground material

What’s included:

  • 1 Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer (for ground material)
  • 1 collectible Phil Frost mini luggage
  • 1 g pen elite charging dock
  • 1 g grinder card
  • 1 cleaning tool
  • 1 g tool

The Phil Frost X Burton G Pen Elite Vaporizer offers enthusiasts the distinctive style and top quality only Grenco Science can offer. The vaporizer offers more– extra capacity, a distinct ergonomic design, and quicker heating.

New York-based artist Phil Frost designed this work of art that blends the gritty look of the street and elegant aesthetic.

Badwood MicroG Vaporizer

For use with:
Ground material

What’s included:

  • 1 Badwood microG
  • 1 microG ground material tank
  • 1 microG quartz tank
  • 1 microG liquid tank
  • 1 microG USB charger
  • 5 microG mouthpiece sleeves
  • 1 g keychain and microG tool
  • 1 Badwood tray
  • 1 Badwood bottle opener G card
  • 1 ski mask clutch
  • 1 Badwood mini marker
  • 1 ski mask compact mirror
  • 1 temporary lip tattoo set
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 1 adhesive bandage set

Designed by Natalie Wood of the famous Badwood ‘ski mask’ logo, the vaporizer offers distinctive street art that sets this vaporizer apart from the rest.

But aside from how artsy the vape is, it packs a wallop, delivering big vapor clouds at a single press of a button.

G Slim Vaporizer with Quartz

For use with:

Additional accessories:

G Slim Tank with Quartz

G Wall Adapter

G Tool

What’s included:

  • 1 G slim battery
  • 1 G slim tank with quartz
  • 1 G slim tool
  • 1 G slim wireless USB charger

G Slim Series’s newest version combines portability and affordability. It provides efficient functionality and flavorful vapor.

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Our Final Thoughts

Efficiency, style, and functionality are some of the best qualities of these vaporizers from Grenco Science.

They feature the latest technological advancements. For instance, the Phil Frost Elite offers a temperature control system as well as a new LED interface giving you the precise temperature and battery life indicator.

For the woman reviewer in Ganjly, she found the Phil Frost Elite and the Badwood MicroG very stylish. It is discreet and portable and she loved the carrying case.

Clearly, it was designed for women as it is artsy and elegant looking. She loves the design! She could also put her make up kit on the clutch case so that is a bonus.

The Badwood MicroG easily fits pockets for the people on the go. It is also user-friendly. All three vapes are durable and great quality materials. It heats up right away and very easy to use.

Sleek and lightweight, the MicroG may be small but it is always available to give you high-quality vapor.

Follow the instructions on charging the batteries on the initial charge and it gives you a longer-lasting battery than other vapes we have reviewed.

The G slim series is great for beginners. This is a wise choice if ever you are in the market for a vaporizer!

For more information and to buy online, go to www.gpen.com.

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