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Hacks to Refill Vape Cartridge [10 Quick and Easy Steps]

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It makes no sense to throw away your vape pen cartridge after you’ve run out of the liquid. Other than being a financially lame move, it’s also bad for the environment as you will be adding to the waste plastic which is hard to dispose of as it is. We will teach you how to refill your vape cartridge.

It’s smarter to refill your cartridge once you’ve run out of the liquid. But, did you know that refilling a vape cartridge is an art? In this post, we talk about hacks that will make refilling your cartridge a breeze. By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly how to add more oil whenever you need it. The process is super simple, once you get the hang of it and it takes no more than a couple of minutes.

But, before you get started with this process, make sure you have the following items:

  • The cannabis oil or the CBD liquid of your choice
  • A syringe with 0.5 ml capacity
  • Vape battery
  • And a refillable cartridge

You can use a medical syringe. Both metal and plastic syringes will do. All of these items can be bought off of Big Daddy Smoke.

Step 1

Grab your syringe and fill it with cannabis oil. Based on the capacity of the syringe, you may have to do it multiple times.

Step 2

Unscrew the metal top that sits on top of the vape cartridge. Most cartridges have a narrow opening which leads down to the filing area. When you’ve unscrewed the cap, make sure to keep it in a safe place otherwise it could roll over the table and fall down.

Step 3

Once the syringe is filled entirely, be sure to hold it vertically. The tip should be pointing upwards so you don’t drip any oil. Many syringes are designed with a special applicator tip to encourage precise dripping. The applicator is a plastic piece that fits like a pen cap. Press it firmly in place.

Step 4

Grab the vape pen. Hold it in one hand and the syringe with the upside-down position in another. Now you’re not actually going to start pouring the liquid into the narrow opening. You will need to reach around down to the empty space – somewhere around the middle. The key is to avoid rushing. Go slowly but surely. Make sure to not spill the liquid around the edges.

Side Note: Some people would suggest that you heat the vape pen cartridge lightly before you start filling it. The idea is to smooth down the process as the liquid is able to run more gently which avoids sludging. However, you should bear in mind that heat changes the molecular structure of any liquid including cannabis oil.

Heating might lead to the oil-degrading much faster. We suggest that you only heat the cartridge and the oil if it’s not moving at all. For example, in winters it can become thickened. In that case, you should heat it. Another case in which it’s okay to heat it is if you’re sure you’ll vaping it all within a short amount of time.

Step 5

Start pressing the back of the syringe. As you press it, gently start releasing the oil into the cartridge. Since the consistency of the liquid is different from that of regular liquids, it will pour differently. Cannabis oil and e-liquids might pour slowly because they tend to be more viscous. Additionally, going slow is always recommended because that way less air gets trapped and the liquid also gets poured more evenly.

It’s also recommended to maintain a steady hand. If you tend to shake easily, it’s best to ask someone who is a bit more dextrous and handy with detailed things to do this job. Hold the cartridge and the syringe steady throughout the process.

Step 6

Most vape pens stand at 1 ml capacity while a typical medical syringe comes with a 0.5 ml capacity. If you can’t grab a syringe with 1 ml oil, you might have to do it in two sittings. Wait for the contents to finish going in. But, if the capacity of both the cartridge and the syringe is the same – you won’t have to wait for the oil to settle in.

Step 7

Grab the metal top and screw it back on the top of the cartridge firmly in place. Double-check that the cap is screwed-on tightly before using the vape.

Step 8

Once you are sure that the oil has settled at the bottom, this is the time to take out the bottom protector. Screw the vape pen on top of the battery. The process is the same as with most disposable cartridges.

Step 9

Set the device vertically and wait for a couple of minutes so that the coil/cotton wick can fully absorb the oil. If you don’t do this – it might result in dry hits which can be harsh on your throat.

Step 10

There can be times when you would like to transfer the oil from one cartridge to the other. In that case,  you can use a syringe. Use the applicator tip to start sucking the oil from one cartridge. All the other steps remain the same to ensure a safe and spill-free transfer into the new pen.

Easy Oil Changes

The entire process can be mastered if you just try it a couple of times. You don’t need to invest in any special tools or equipment and it should take no more than a few minutes to get it over with. However, as a bonus tip – you should have a bunch of refillable cartridges handy.

Another bonus tip is that you keep the syringe clean with each use. Clean it out before using it. Cannabis oil is made from cannabis flowers. It can degrade easily and turn into a wax-like sticky substance which can be difficult to get off from the inside of the syringe. Wash the syringe multiple times every time you’re done using it.

While you’re at it, you should also keep the cartridge and the pen clean at regular intervals before you start filling it.

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