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High Gorgeous Review: For the Canna-Girl on The Go

High Gorgeous created by @YummiKarma offers a diverse array of infused beauty as well as topical products, the perfect must-haves for any canna-girl who is on the go.

High Gorgeous products help manage dryness, swelling, as well as other issues on the body you may have.

These products have various THC amounts, which will depend on their use or function.


Piña-Co-Canna Body Butter

yummi karma

Fresh tropical scent

Rich Vitamin A, C, and E natural base.

Works best for localized pain (sore neck, back)

*Paraben-free, Vegan-friendly

The body butter gives the delicious and amazing scent of Piña Coladas, but it comes with the soothing powers that can prove to be a great relief to your muscles.

When you massage the Piña-Co-Canna Body Butter into your body’s arms and legs, the product’s 200-mg THC/THCA formula will alleviate the tension as well as inflammation that your body may be experiencing.


High-Biscus Body Lotion

Light floral scent

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Pain reliever, reduces inflammation, seals moisture into the skin

*Paraben-free, Vegan-friendly

High-Biscus Body Lotion relieves the pain you may experience and rejuvenates your skin.

It is an infused body lotion that comes with a light floral scent.

It smells good and doesn’t irritate your skin.

Pop the Bubbly Bubble Bath

200 mg THC/THCa

Champagne and strawberries scent

Can be used as a bubble bath, body wash, or localized soak to soothe

tired, sole muscles and relax

This THC-infused bubble bath gives you not only a clean scent but at the same time rejuvenates you, thanks to the magic of the product’s 200-mg THC level.

This is such an amazing bubble bath.

We highly recommend trying it. Smells good and relaxes your tired muscles.


Nice Buns Cellulite Treatment

high gorgeous lip balm

100 mg THC/THCa

Warm cinnamon roll scent

Firms skin and seals in moisture with properties of espresso, witch hazel, cinnamon oil, shea butter

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Contains essential oils

*Paraben-free, Vegan-friendly

Many people think that no matter how slim they are, they feel have cellulite that allows them to feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

With the company’s Nice Buns Cellulite Treatment, you can help break down your fat cells that lie beneath the skin’s surface.

With the combination of cannabis, espresso, and cinnamon, any inflammation of the body gets lowered.

The company’s Nice Buns Cellulite Treatment will make the skin become not only smoother but also tighter, thanks to the 100-mg THC.

This is an award-winning cellulite treatment.

High Gorgeous Lip Balms

high gorgeous


Your lips are actually in need of nourishment too.

This is why the High Gorgeous Lip Balm has created the company to nourish your lips—something your lips need.

You can select from two flavors the company offers (Juicy Cherry and Luscious Lime), making sure the lips have the hydration that they desperately need.

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Compared with the other products the company offers.

Thus, there is a possibility you may end up getting some of the product’s balm every time you inadvertently lick your lips.

This is why one tube only has 25-mg THC.

High Gorgeous gives you a relaxing treatment for practically any area of the body. It is really up to you to choose what you need.

This is a game changer for the ladies.

We love that Yummi Karma has created a product line that is catering to the canna-girls.

These are wonderful cannabis products that get you high on health and beauty.

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