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Holiday Gift Guide: Home, Beauty and Wellness Edition

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Last year we’ve been staying in our homes more than ever and we realized it’s about time that we start loving the space that we live in. Some people took the time to renovate their home, move things around, or maybe put in a new pool. Others put on weight by bingeing on Netflix shows and eating junk food. While others built a home gym and started exercising.

This year, we started taking care of ourselves and making sure we’re exercising. We started going out and eating out again. We set new goals and plan for international travel. We make sure we’re eating healthy food and buying organic. We also caught up with friends and planned small get-togethers.

Below is a holiday gift guide that touches on cool and unique gifts for home life as well as taking care of the body, the health, the family, and also the pets. We have gifts for everybody! From spring water to making easy homemade ice cream with a blender, we’ve got awesome gift ideas for this holiday season that is perfect for a friend, a spouse, or a loved one.

Cardiff Softgels and Balm, Plant-Based Wellness

cardiff softgels relief balm

Cardiff Labs produces supplements, skincare, and vape cartridges, utilizing their unique blends of CBD and CBG cannabinoids. Cardiff’s Hydro Luxe Balm moisturizes with a base of premium hemp extract, combined with a CBD and CBG infusion and a handcrafted botanical blend to relax the body and soften the skin. Cardiff’s Optimized Softgels – Each 30mg softgel contains an equal amount of 15mg of cannabigerol (CBG) and 15mg of cannabidiol (CBD). Promoting balance in the body for sleep, relaxation, improved mood, and immune system health, these softgels are designed to support the body and mind to handle everyday stresses.

Three Spirit Drinks, Healthier Non-Alcoholic Drinks

three spirit

Three Spirit Drinks, is a novel approach to making mood-altering drinks without the use of alcohol, while tasting great. Livener lives up to the name with a big dose of caffeine courtesy of tea extracts, guayusa, schisandra, and other energizing plants. In the Electric Cosmopolitan, it can be used as an energizing replacement for vodka. Social Elixir improves the mood and brings a bit of euphoria thanks to some exotic ingredients, such as Lion’s Mane mushrooms. A savory but bittersweet concoction, it goes well mixed into mocktails such as the Mulled Social Cider or the Espresso Martini. Nightcap helps with relaxation, a lemony botanical with a sizable dose of valerian root to go with the herbs and spices. The flavors go well together when making a Zen Penicillin, a good replacement for a more “traditional” boozy nightcap.

Ten Spring Water

ten spring water

TEN Spring Water is very refreshing and has an unprecedented pH level of – you guessed it – 10. It reaches that level of alkalinity with a proprietary infusion of minerals and electrolytes, resulting in water that more closely resembles the product of a melted piece of clear blue glacier ice. TEN spring water is sourced from natural springs in Appalachia, filtered through at least 100 feet of fractured quartzite. Staying underground during its journey to the TEN bottling facility, it never sees sunlight until it’s uncapped. If you want to test its pH level for yourself, use a calibrated electronic meter rather than a test strip – paper strips aren’t up to the task.

Hijinx Ice Cream Mix, Make Ice Cream with a Blender

hijinx ice cream mix

Working with both cow’s milk as well as almond milk, Hijinx Ice Cream Mix allows you to get creative. Without the need for an ice cream maker, HiJinx makes it possible to make creamy, delicious ice cream with any flavoring you like. From vanilla extract to wine, anything that can be easily added to the mix can be used to create your own unique flavors of ice cream.

Identity Life CBD Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

Identity Life CBD Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

Identity Life is a Norwegian-American company with a dedication to crafting high-quality, sustainable CBD products. Identity Superfood Creamer is a superfood CBD-infused coffee creamer. This vegan, THC-free powdered coffee creamer is made from a coconut base and is lightly sweet from its natural ingredients. The Superfood Powder Creamer comes in honey, vanilla, coconut, and cacao flavors. The Powder Creamers can also be used to include CBD in a variety of consumables in addition to coffee, such as shakes or confections.

Leilo, Calm in a Can


Leilo, a canned drink made from kava that offers a pleasant buzz without alcohol or drugs. Kava is an herbal remedy that’s made from the roots of Piper methysticum — a type of plant found in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Its name means “intoxicating pepper.” Leilo is an Asian-American-owned brand, with the only pre-packaged kava product on the market.

Root & Nourish Cookbook

root nourish cookbook

In ROOT & NOURISH: An Herbal Cookbook for Women’s Wellness, herbalist Abbey Rodriguez and Ayurvedic health counselor Jennifer Kurdyla draw on their combined expertise to provide healthy, affordable, and satisfying recipes that address key health considerations for women. Addressing often-overlooked things such as the hormone impact of food and digestion, this cookbook provides an ideal set of recipes for your health.

CBD Living Pet Soft Chews

cbd living soft dog chews

CBD Living Pet has brought out some new flavors for their highly popular line of CBD Soft Chews for Dogs. Now they have three flavors for their Dog Chews. Formulated specifically for your canine, CBD Living has included DigeZyme enzymes to aid digestion and satiety, Inulin FOS for fiber, and positive microorganism growth for your pooch. The new flavors are Sweet Potato & Organic Apple Immunity Support and Bacon Flavor Mobility Support. A perfect gift for someone with an older pet that needs a little help.


Manna Kadar Sea Mineral Lotion and Body Wash

Manna Kadar lotion and body wash

Developed by 20-year beauty industry expert Manna Kadar, Manna Kadar Beauty offers a complete line of long-wearing multi-role beauty and makeup products. Their Beauty Simplified System uses a three-step process, prime, polish, and perfect. This process is designed to be completed in 7 minutes or less – no more waking up at 5 am to put your face on. After a long day, the Manna Kadar Sea Mineral Lotion and Body washes help you clean up, moisturize and provide an attractive and luxurious scent. A perfect gift for the woman who can’t compromise on time or beauty. 


Clean Beauty Collective Holiday Edition

clean collective classic layering setclean reserve holiday gift set

Clean Beauty Collective, has been setting the standard for fragrances since 2003, and now they have launched their Holiday Gift Sets. Spice up the season with their candles, a travel set as well as a layering set. Their fragrances are perfect for your wife, girlfriend, best friend, or your mother-in-law. The Teacher is the Clean Classic rollerball layering set that features 5 non-toxic fragrances that are easy to wear and perfect for every day. The Best Friend is the Clean Reserve Favorite Florals Gift Set that features three floral fragrances. The Mother-In-Law is the Clean Reserve Travel Spray Layering Gift Set that is perfect for carry-ons. The Boss is the Clean Reserve Discovery Gift Set that allows you to explore their 8 different fragrances. The Hostess is the Clean Reserve Winter Pine Holiday Candle that is an excellent addition to your home with an earthy pine scent and it’s eco-conscious too!


No Thank You, CBD

no thank you cbd

Lifelong friends Zain and Graham founded No Thank You because they wanted to say No, thank you to all things that divide people. CBDa is the raw, natural ingredient and is the prominent cannabinoid They’re bringing positive energy to their full-spectrum CBD products so that everybody can feel great about being themselves. CBD has been known as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It can also be used for chronic pain as well as balancing the complexion. Their skincare range is the most effective CBD topicals around. Shop their CBD balm for moisturizing the lips, a cream for relief, a facial cleanser for your daytime regimen, a CBD face mask for the night, and oil for your all day.


House of Wise, Less Stress, Hotter Sex, Better Sleep

house of wise cbd

House of Wise offers high-end full-spectrum CBD products that empower women with more strength and less stress using Stress by House of Wise, a full-spectrum CBD hemp extract with chamomile and passion fruit, paired with L-Theanine, an amino acid that promotes feelings of tranquility, relaxation while maintaining focus without drowsiness. Available both as gummies and tincture drops. Ideal for flights to see your relatives during the holidays Sleep by House of Wise is mixed with melatonin, orange, and ginger—which helps you sleep even when your environment isn’t conducive to it. Meant to help you get the best out of your sleep, you will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day, or your in-laws. Sex Gummies + Sex Serum make an incredible, fun, and surprising gift for your significant other. The Sex Serum has a pleasant cooling and tingly sensation, making your favorite bedroom activities that much more intense. Their Strength CBD gives your workout a boost and this combines CBD and caffeine to give you the endurance and energy to get the most out of your workout routine.


Farmer & Chemist CBD, Premium Regimens

farmer and chemist cbd

Farmer & Chemist CBD products are ideal for the holiday season, addressing dry skin and soreness as well as other maladies. Farmer & Chemist is built and run by pharmacists who have worked tirelessly to develop the best CBD on the market. For aches and pains, IT’S THE BALM is the ideal joint and muscle balm. It moisturizes while it soothes, being ideal for those days out on the slopes or in the windy city. Designed to soothe aching muscles as well as a body in need of rest, this gel is ideal for application when ready for bed. Relaxing as well as soothing it will help you get a great night’s sleep! A CBD mask rich in PCR, the Youth Boost boosts your skin’s ability to handle cold weather. Locking in moisture and using the magic of CBD, Youth Boost lives up to the name. Steady Going is a tincture that covers plenty of ground, STEADY GOING can be used topically for pain or sublingually for pain relief and relaxation.


MOJO Forest Bathing Candle


CandaScent Labs creates 100% plant-derived candles using only certified organic essential oils and coconut soy wax. It’s vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, organically grown and contains no synthetic. It has no parabens, paraffins and phtalates either so you can enjoy lighting that candle knowing you’re inhaling pure and fresh aromas. Their Mojo Forest Bathing Candle was inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrinyoku which means forest bathing. This is like a forest in a jar with deep woodsy notes and soothing scents of fir trees. You can smell crisp notes of fresh balsam, spruce and cypress. This candle smells so heavenly that it’s great for lifting your spirits during the day or getting you to wind down at night.


MCM EDP 3-Piece Unisex Gift Set


mcm gift set

The MCM Eau de Parfum Gift Set by InterParfums is the perfect gift for any man or woman. It’s a unisex perfume that has a universal fragrance. This deluxe set contains a 2.5 fl oz EDP, a 0.34 fl oz EDP travel spray and a 0.24 fl oz EDP miniature. The keynotes in this perfume are: Raspberry, Jasmine and Ambrox. The scent and the details of the bottle are phenomenal.


Haygood Farms Goodies Gummies

haygood delta gummies

Haygood Farms in Chattanooga, TN has been crafting organic hemp CBD products and this includes their Delta-8 Goodies Gummies. The company has been transparent about its ingredients and in today’s marketplace, that is very important. Haygood Farms is open and publishes its lab results on their website. There are a lot of Delta-8 products in the market that has inconsistent ingredients with safety issues. The Goodies Gummies have a 3:1 CBD to Delta-8 ratio which creates an uplifting medicinal mixture that calms you without the negative effects of anxiety, shakes, or paranoia. They are available in Green Apple and Sweet Orange in either a 16-pack or 8-pack for your convenience.

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