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How Cannabis Businesses are Using Software, Apps and Blockchain to Move Forward

When most people think about #cannabis, they’re not thinking about computers. But increasingly, the cannabis industry is looking to software solutions that will help them operate their businesses and provide essential services to customers in this brand new market.

We spoke with cannabis businesses about how they’re relying on both existing software and new programs to keep the cannabis industry moving, with everything from blockchain and compliance technology, digital media, and more.


“As the first full scale enterprise technology solution in the cannabis space, Enlighten offers dispensaries and cannabis venues with an array of technologies to keep up with the tech-forward movement revolutionizing retail as a whole. Enlighten is already working with over 650 cannabis businesses, including dispensaries, cultivators and producers, head shops, cannabis lounges and medical facilities. Enlighten’s education forward approach helps our partners grow their brand and build relationships with their customers through a variety of solutions. These technology solutions are able to to provide cannabis venues with a full technological ecosystem to easily train staff, advertise brands and drive sales. Simply put, there is nobody else in the cannabis space that is currently doing or is even capable of doing what we do.” — Jeremy Jacobs, Chairman, Enlighten


“Budbo’s blockchain technology stands at the forefront in cannabis technology innovation by leveraging blockchain technology for a complete chain of custody of cannabis products. This is allowing businesses to reduce costs of transactions and auditing by a third-party. The technology we provide is an open blockchain API for all ancillary services in the cannabis industry providing them privacy and security to lossless data giving complete transparency for local, state and federal oversight. This is aiding in the legalization movement and working hand in hand with the cannabis industry as a whole.” — Jacob Patterson, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Budbo

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“At Green Lion Partners we believe better business practices are needed in the cannabis industry in order to move it into the mainstream and to show others that we are a professional and dynamic industry. We’ve invested in technologies, such as Flowhub, that we feel push the industry in that direction. Flowhub makes it easy for cultivators and dispensaries to stay compliant while increasing operational efficiency for its customers.” — Jeffrey M. Zucker, President, Green Lion Partners


“Technology in cannabis has been incredibly underserved up until this this point. From consumer resources to business tools, the industry has not had access to enterprise-level solutions that are available in more matured industries. At tökr, we brought in a wealth experience, ideas, and solutions from other tech industries to modernize cannabis tech, and bring the solutions up to speed. With our minds toward technology, we are educating and empowering consumers – and helping cannabis brands get access to the marketing tools they desperately lack.” — Brian Campbell, Co-Founder and CPO, Tokr

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“Technology is playing a big role in the advancement of the cannabis industry, and it’s still just the beginning.  The last few years has seen such an explosion, especially in devices, medical applications, and services. Even us, BurnTV, as a digital media brand are benefiting from technological advancements in both content production and content delivery making it possible for us to help brands reach a broader, mainstream audience. And with legalization continuing to expand, we are going to keep seeing an increase in people entering the cannabis sector with more new and exciting ideas that continue to advance the growth of the industry and attract new consumers.” — Jason Santos, CEO, BurnTV


“Applications for technology in the cannabis world are endless.  Just like traditional industries have embraced technology to run their businesses, from cultivation to retail, more and more cannabis operators are doing the same.  For example, Retailers are discovering the power and efficiencies of data and predictive analytics to manage inventory and delight their customers.” — Chip Cassady, CRO and Co-Founder of 420 Tech.   

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“The cannabis industry is currently lacking legal and stable electronic payment, since cannabis is still federally illegal and banks are regulated by the feds. By leveraging cutting edge technology, the Zodaka Payment Platform allows any business to incorporate practical, reliable, and legal payment processing without the threat of being shutdown. This lowers the risk and cost to businesses, while simultaneously enabling customers to pay for the products they want more easily. Zodaka’s software is built to integrate directly with other platforms, which helps advance the goal of normalizing the cannabis industry through technology.” — Jeffrey Friedman MD, Co-CEO Zodaka


Zane BaderAuthor Bio: Zane Bader currently works at NisonCo as an account manager. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), where he is on the executive committee and is the secretary for the Board. During his undergraduate studying Mathematics at the University of Georgia, he founded the Psychedelic Club at UGA, as well as helped lead his University’s SSDP chapter and local marijuana reform organization. He was previously employed at UGA’s Center for Research on Behavioral Health, where they conducted the largest and longest comprehensive study on drug abuse treatment within the United States.


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