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How Do You Choose the Best Cannabis Pipes?

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What do you look for when choosing a new pipe? Do you want something easy to clean, or does it have to be aesthetically pleasing? What about the type of material the pipe is made out of? There are many factors to consider when looking for a new cannabis pipe, and this blog post will help guide you in the right direction.

The best cannabis pipes come from reputable brands that can offer quality materials at an affordable price point. This article will go over the different pipe styles, why a glass pipe is a popular choice, what are the different consumption methods if you don’t like pipes, and more. Continue reading if you want to learn how to choose the best cannabis pipe for you.

Different Pipe Style

The first step to choosing a pipe is to understand that there are different styles of pipes, and you should know which style you like. The first style of pipe is the classic pipe, or Sherlock pipe, which are designed to look like the pipes of old, like the ones used by Sherlock Holmes. These pipes can vary in design, and bowl size. Some of these pipes have shallow bowls, while others have quite deep bowls. They also have quite long stems which allows you to draw longer and stronger hits.

The second pipe style is relatively new and has become popular for those who like to be trendy. The spoon pipe looks like a spoon, and is quite small, with wide stems and bowls. These pipes come in a variety of different colors and designs.

The Expense

The next thing you will have to consider is how much you are going to spend on a pipe, which all boils down to personal preference. It must be said that the very expensive pipes don’t have any additional features, and aren’t very different in terms of functionality; it’s more about the design that makes some pipes expensive.

For example, you could get a spoon pipe for less than $20, and a regular pipe for under $10. There are more expensive pipes that are almost like collectors’ items that could cost as much as $4,000. Getting a pipe that suits your budget is important, but if you are new to consuming pipes, you don’t need anything too expensive to get started.

Try Glass Pipes

There are many things to consider when choosing a pipe, and one of the most important considerations is what material the pipe will be made from. This will determine a few things, for example, how durable it is; pipes made from Briarwood are the most common and most durable, so dropping it a few times won’t cause much damage.

The other reason to consider the material of the pipe is that it might affect the taste. This isn’t the problem with glass pipes, so perhaps you should start with one of those. Glass pipes, like those available at DankStop, will allow you to get the full flavor of the cannabis, as well as smooth hits.

Know Your Needs

This might sound obvious, but you should know your needs before buying a pipe, and you should consider the reason as to why you are buying a pipe. For example, are you buying a pipe simply because it’s something to put marijuana in and consume it with? Or are you buying a pipe because there are many amazing designs with a variety of color schemes to choose from?

This will affect the type of pipe you might want to get; for a simple pipe that does its job then the Briarwood pipes will be perfect. For a more decorative pipe that has a trendy design and eye-catching colors, then a glass spoon pipe may be what you need.

Other Popular Consumption Methods

glass pipes

Lastly, there are many different consumption methods on the market, and as a new user, you might not be familiar with them. After reading this and having decided pipes aren’t for you, then you have the choice of dry herb vaporizers, bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, edibles, and more. Each cannabis consumption method is different and has different onset times, and different durations of effects. You should make sure to read about each consumption method before making any decisions.

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