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How To Buy Cannabis In Pennsylvania

The number of states legalizing cannabis use has been increasing these past years. Generally, state governors have approved laws concerning marijuana use for the welfare of individuals with chronic illnesses, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. One of the states with an approved yet regulated cannabis use is the Keystone State—Pennsylvania.

Suppose you’re living in Pennsylvania and suffering from any chronic medical condition. In that case, you may consider knowing the bits and pieces of cannabis use in the state and the process of buying one. And for that, here’s an article to guide you, so read on!

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  1. Create A Profile in Medical Marijuana Registry

Initially, you will need to create a profile in the Medical Marijuana Registry. You may access this through the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website. Proceed to Adult Patient Registration and fill out some personal information, including the following data:

  • legal name
  • present address
  • contact information

Ensure to provide accurate information, as not doing so may be punishable by laws. In addition, the program may prompt you to seek a Pennsylvania driver’s license or other state ID cards to be qualified.


  1. Get Certified By A Physician

Only the state’s approved doctors may issue a physician’s certification for cannabis use. In other words, not all physicians can give you a certificate as one needs to pass a registration process before becoming a state-certified doctor. You may visit Pennsylvania’s Health Department’s website for the updated list of physicians who may certify you.

You may schedule an appointment with a doctor to start the process. The doctor will run some tests or interviews in most cases. After completing these steps successfully, you’re one step closer to your PA medical marijuana card.

However, you may need to remember that recreational cannabis use isn’t yet allowed in Pennsylvania. That way, only patients suffering from the following conditions may receive a certification:

  • anxiety disorders
  • cancer
  • epilepsy
  • intractable seizures
  • brain-spinal cord damage
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

As a general rule, you may only be issued a physician’s certification if your symptoms affect the quality of your life. In other words, these symptoms should prevent you from doing your usual activities. Moreover, these conditions must threaten your safety and overall health. You may visit Pennsylvania’s Health Department’s website for the complete list of qualifying conditions.


  1. Pay For An ID Card

Once certified, you may go back to the Medical Marijuana Registry and complete your application. You have to pay USD$50 for the ID card, but if you’re into the state’s health assistance programs, you may be entitled to some fee reductions.

While you could start buying cannabis after the issuance of your ID card, remember that your card has an expiration. Because of this, you may need to seek an ID renewal to continue purchasing cannabis products in the future.


  1. Locate A Dispensary

You may now start finding a dispensary after paying for your medical marijuana ID card. Generally, you may choose and consume the following cannabis forms:

  • Pills

Many patients prefer pills because they’re easy to carry and consume. They’re also easy to digest and provide quick results in most cases.

  • Oils

Many patients with PTSD, depression, anxiety, or epilepsy choose cannabis oils because of their quick reduction of symptoms. Some believe that these products’ overall effects result from their concentration and type of carrier oil. 

  • Tinctures

Many cannabis users choose tinctures because they’re fast-acting, discreet, and have a longer shelf life. You may put a few drops under your tongue or swallow them directly. These products are also known to reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy and relax muscle spasms.   

  • Topicals

Many prefer cannabis topicals because they’re easy to apply and have excellent anti-inflammation properties.

  • Dried Flower

Under Pennsylvania’s cannabis laws, dried flower smoking is prohibited. However, you’re allowed to vaporize it.


How To Find A Dispensary

Since Pennsylvania has legalized medical marijuana, you may access them freely anywhere. You could visit the Health Department’s website and browse the updated list of marijuana dispensaries within the state. These dispensaries have complied with all the state requirements to operate in most cases.

You may also join cannabis communities as these platforms provide the recent news about cannabis in your area, such as soon-to-operate dispensaries. In addition, you could meet cannabis users in these communities who could give you info about the latest cannabis sources in the state.

You may also find dispensaries online through various social media platforms. Generally, dispensaries could entertain your purchases on these platforms and through their websites as long as you have your ID card.


How To Choose A Dispensary

After choosing the cannabis type you think will suit your needs, you may start locating a dispensary where you can access state-approved products. In choosing a dispensary, you may consider the quality of the products. Your chosen store should offer various cannabis products, provided in different sizes.

Apart from this, you may also assess the dispensary source. Know where the strains came from and who manufactured the products to the forms you enjoy today. You may know this information through the product’s labels or the dispensary’s website. Lastly, you must choose a legal and state-registered dispensary to ensure that the products are approved.


Wrapping Up

Despite the legalization of cannabis use in Pennsylvania, you may still need to follow some steps before buying your cannabis product in the state. If you’re buying your medical marijuana for the first time, you may refer to the steps expounded in this article to understand the process further.

In addition, you may also need to choose your cannabis doctor well so you can earn your certification quickly and easily. Furthermore, you may need to keep researching everything about cannabis in Pennsylvania to get used to the matter.

You may also learn about the do’s and don’ts of cannabis to ensure that you’re following the rules and regulations in buying and using cannabis to make the most of your marijuana experience. For the most recent updates about cannabis purchase and consumption in Pennsylvania, visit the Health Department’s website.

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