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How to Choose the Right Smoking Subscription Box [Buyer’s Guide]

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This article is sponsored by Hemper, @hemperco, a premium monthly subscription service for smoking essentials headquartered in New York.  They are the only box in the cannabis space that is constantly innovating and producing its own in-house products. Check out their unique subscriptions at Hemper.

The world of smoking has seen a new spin on accessorizing in the #cannabis industry: subscriptions for smoking accessories that can be sent to you each month.


The concept of the smoking supply subscription box has changed the game and it has made it very convenient for smokers to get the best in supplies.

In these subscription boxes, they don’t include buds, but they do contain everything you need to enjoy the strain of weed you like.

We’ll take a look at the different ways you can choose the right smoking subscription box services for you. But why should you purchase a smoking subscription box?

Smoking subscription box? Why do I need that?

Smoking subscription boxes are enticing because they offer excellent deals on your consumable supplies.

Instead of running to the gas station for rolling papers, these supply companies deliver them straight to your home.

In addition to the usual supplies you’ll receive new things you may not have used before. Things like pre-rolled cones, roach clips, joint tips, stash bags and joint protectors to name a few.

One thing that makes going this route more fun is that most of these boxes have themes each month and they do a great job of switching things up.

They also have different levels  and amounts that catering to your budget and monthly needs.

Consider Pricing of the Boxes

Above everything else, whether a casual user or full stoner, one has to consider their budget.

Since different prices may range from as little as $1 to $50 a month.

Ensure that you select the price range that you are comfortable with, but also one that offers a range of products that are useful to you.

Everyone has a preference, and there are plenty of options that cater to this now.

For example, if you desire to get a new bong or pipe glass on a monthly basis, you can go for the high-end options.

But if you want to go for something that provides you with simple blunt wraps and other basic smoking accessories, then the subscription package you will be going for will be entirely different.

Quality of the Boxes

Since this is a new market, there are offerings all over the place and it makes sense to check reviews and buyer testimonials.

Social media is a good place if you’re looking at something new or obscure, but sites like Ganjly are good for the more mainstream examples. Check our reviews.

Which is the best weed subscription box?

What should you look at when selecting the best weed subscription box?

  • The value of the overall box – does this cost less than my usual consumption?
  • The quality of the supplies – does the glass easily break? Are the materials used of good quality?
  • The number of options you are offered
  • If you want glass, what do they offer, and how often do you replace it?
  • Determine if the supplies will last for the duration of the subscription period

The three different style of packs that are offered by most companies to fit any smoking lifestyle include:

Glass pack

The glass pack is fit for all glass lovers. In this pack, more than one glass piece is placed together with other smoking accessories. If you hate washing glassware or tend to break things, start here.

The paper pack

Some smokers love to smoke in rolled quality papers. In this pack, you will get pre-rolled cones, rolling tips, loose papers and more.

The bundle pack

If you like both paper and glass smoking techniques, you have the option to have both in one bundle pack.

For bundles, Hemper is one of the best services you can subscribe to.

What is a Hemper Box?

Hemper Box is a product of a premium subscription service that offers one of the highest standards for smoking accessories in the industry.

The company, Hemper has expert curators who hand pick items to pack for their customers each month while delivering a stoner gift box package worth more than $100 in value for an affordable $29.99.

The in-house development team innovates, designs and develops unique content for its users to place curated boxes that are not found anywhere else.

A discrete mailer bag is used to ship the products to ensure privacy.

What is in their Hemper’s Glassential Box?

Depending on the theme of the month, we are going to look at what can be found in a box:

  • A tornado Rig
  • RAW papers of king size
  • Cleaning Bristles made from HemperTECH
  • Kryptonite glass cleaner
  • A glass filter
  • A clipper lighter
  • Glass pads
  • And many more

How does it work to subscribe to Hemper’s services?

Three plans are available for you depending on your smoking lifestyle. Their lowest plan, The Bare Essentials start at $0.99 only.

Their July Glassessentials Box, priced at $29.99 contained the following awesome items:

  • All New HEMPER Rig
  • All New Assorted HEMPER Glass Pads
  • HEMPER It’s LIT! Clipper Lighter
  • HEMPER Glass Filter tip
  • Kryptonite Glass Cleaner
  • HemperTECH Cleaning Bristles
  • HemperTECH Hempwick
  • RAW King Size Papers
  • HEMPER Stickers 2ct

If you are a glass enthusiast, you might go for the Glassessential box.

Alternatively, you can go for one of the rolling packs the company offers called The Hemper Pack at $14.99.

The different subscription plans will fit into your frequency of smoking.

You can either choose between the classic monthly subscription, a prepaid 3,6 to a 12-month plan, or a fully customized delivery.

Hemper ships the best smoking subscription box to all 50 states across America, in Canada and all over the world with different shipping states. For international orders, taxes are charged once delivery is done.


The membership you can have with these companies usually renew automatically, unless you decide to cancel the subscription.

As you go along, don’t be surprised to see a considerable number of companies offering different subscription boxes that deliver airtight bags, rolling paper, weed baggies, and odour proof bags for your stash.

A lot of companies are getting into the subscription service space.

Ensure that you get the right value for your money.

Just like any other household, beauty, and automotive product, you need to always go for quality.

After sales service is important too so check testimonials and reviews on their experience for complaints and ease of returns.

Always know that the products you purchased should match the company’s promises.

Always keep an eye on the new products that hit the market, and continue to compare and notice companies that offer giveaways to companies through discounts and other types of loyalty rewards.

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