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How To Clean A Bong in 7 Simple Steps

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You’ve got to treat your bong with the respect it deserves. 

Today, we’ll show you how to clean a bong in this complete step-by-step guide. 

You must have seen them. Those ugly brown bongs that make you cringe. 

One look at them and you can see the slimy resin build-up and swampy water. Not only do these stains look horrible, but they can also affect your health.

Cleaning your bong is one of the surest ways you can maintain it for life. After all, these wonderful tools are life companions. For better-for-worse, through the highs and lows.

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3 Signs your Bong Needs Cleaning

1. Strange taste

We love our bongs because they deliver a smooth experience without sacrificing on marijuana’s earthy natural taste. However, you might have noticed that things aren’t as sweet as they used to be. 

Ever tried biting into a rotten a tomato? That is the taste of a dirty bong. This awful taste is caused by resin buildup. When the resin is heated, it produces a pungent smoke that contaminates your herb.

2. Swampy smell

A dirty bong is a stinky bong. You need to make sure you pour the water after each session. Stagnant water creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. In no time, the entire room will reek. 

Ever heard of necrotizing pneumonia? This is a serious respiratory disease that kills your lung cells. It only takes 22 hours for bacteria to grow and multiply in your bong. Hurry and clean up!

3. A thin slimy film

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Ewww… You must have crossed the line if you see this on your bong’s walls. 

The slimy film is a nasty combination of resin, fungi, and bacteria. At this point, your bong is a health hazard.

Immediately clean your bong to stop exposing your lungs to harmful bacteria. Delay and your precious glass bong will be permanently stained. 

So, how often should you clean your bong?

Please note: If you experience any of the signs mentioned above, you’re way past the grace period. Take action now!

For heavy smokers, clean your bong at least once every 48 hours. 

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What about the 22-hr bacteria? If you use your bong daily, then the heat and smoke will slow down the growth of bacteria and fungi. However, don’t push your luck and remember to pour the bong water after every session. 

For casual smokers, clean your bong immediately after every “session” or immediately after descending from cloud 9. Don’t postpone it.

The longer you take, the more the bacteria grows and multiplies.

How to Clean a Bong in 7 Steps

What you’ll need

  • Coarse salt or rice
  • 99% rubbing alcohol or vinegar
  • Hot water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Towel
  • Rubber plugs 
  • Plastic containers with lids
  • Cotton swabs

1. Dismantle your bong

Carefully take apart all removable parts of your bong. These are usually the bowl and the downstem.

2. Clean the removable parts (Bowl and downstem)

First, rinse with hot water and put them in separate containers.

Add a good amount of salt in each container followed by rubbing alcohol. Make sure both pieces are fully submerged in the mixture. Close the lids and shake.

Alcohol or vinegar is acidic and will help break down the resin layers. 

Coarse salt or rice is abrasive and will rub off any leftover dirt, resin or ash hiding in the crevices and edges.

Leave them in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Pour out the old bong water

Empty your precious bong and rinse it with hot water. This will help ease dirt and resin buildup. It would be great if you did this after every ‘meditation’ session. 

4. Fill your bong with alcohol and salt

Add a good amount of course salt (as much as you’ll need) and follow it up with rubbing alcohol. Again, the amount is dependant on your bong’s size. Just makes sure your bong is filled. 

5. Plug all openings and shake

Use rubber plugs to seal all openings (Don’t forget the carburetor hole). You can buy them from your convenient bong store or order them online (Make sure you know your bong’s dimensions). 

You can also seal them with cotton balls or fingers (You’ll need some help). Just make sure the solution doesn’t pour as you shake (Get ready for some vigorous shaking). 

Shake for as long as it takes to remove all the resin buildup. Preferably 10 minutes.

6. Empty your bong and use cotton swabs

After pouring the alcohol and salt solution, rinse with hot water to remove any dirt traces. Hold your bong towards the light and pay attention to the edges and crevices. Use cotton swabs to remove any tough leftover dirt.

7. The Final Rinsing

Rinse all pieces with running hot water. Make sure all the alcohol and salt solution has been washed off. At this stage, your bong should be sparkling cleaning.

You can repeat this process to your heart’s content. 

It might take longer to clean sophisticated glass bongs with several filters and percolator. Just make sure you leave your clean bong as dry as it can be. 

There you have it. A simple but effective way on how to clean a glass bong. 

Remember, a well-maintained glass bong can last a lifetime.

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Win a Limited Edition Snowman Bong!

Win a Limited Edition Snowman Bong!

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