How To Get Pain Relief Without Using Pills

How To Get Pain Relief Without Using Pills

What are the best natural alternatives to ibuprofen?

When you suffer from minor pain such as headaches or muscle pain, often, the first thing that we reach for is over-the-counter pain medicine such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

The modern western world is becoming a pill-popping culture, and people don’t think twice about taking drugs for minor ailments. While painkillers have their place, they can be abused, and when taken too often, they can cause liver damage or kidney failure.

For pain that just needs some extra management, there are more natural alternatives. This may include natural ingredients to add to your meals or could be mental techniques to help you cope with pain.


Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been found to be at least as effective as ibuprofen for relieving pain. Ginger can be consumed raw, or more likely added to a drink that can be easily consumed.

Keep it as a regular part of your diet to control inflammation, and use in increased quantities if you find that you need more immediate relief.


Found in most homes for its use in making curries, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is also beneficial for your circulation. Turmeric is another ingredient that can be easily added to your diet as a regular supplement to control pain and inflammation.

Try adding a combination of natural pain relief and anti-inflammatories to a shake when you feel run down, and your immune system can ease inflammation as a result.


Magnesium supplementation is recommended to anyone that needs a muscle relaxant. This may be from working out, but magnesium can also be used for migraines and muscle spasm.

Many people have a deficit of magnesium in their system, and supplementing it is safe and simple. You can also use a magnesium supplement to help you sleep.

The relaxing component works to relieve tension that may be preventing you from sleeping. Magnesium can also help if you grind your teeth as you sleep.

This is due to muscle tension that’s reduced with a supplement taken before bed. Click here for some other supplements you can try for natural pain relief.


A slight move-away from what you can add to your body to combat pain, mindfulness is an interesting technique that can be used for both chronic and acute pain.

Mindfulness is often taught as a way to deal with mental or emotional pain, but can also be used for physical pain. Mindfulness is taught as a way to change your perception of something by looking at it for what it is.

Often, when we’re in pain, we stop minding we’re busy and get distracted by something. This an interesting way to see that pain is, in part, at least just in the mind.

Mindfulness can teach us to create some space between ourselves and the pain. This means we aren’t attaching ourselves to it and potentially adding additional layers of emotional pain on top of the physical pain.

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