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How to Know if Your Current CBD Dosage is Working

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These days, just about everyone’s looking to take advantage of CBD’s well-documented medicinal and therapeutic potential by using it as a health supplement.

This is for good reason, of course, given CBD can improve the overall quality of life for individuals in a wide variety of circumstances — whether they suffer from intermittent seizures, struggle with anxiety disorders or are simply an active weightlifter looking for a natural aid against delayed onset muscle soreness (or DOMs).

If you’re a CBD greenhorn, it’s important to save yourself time and money by not getting taken in by sketchy products with no transparency on their labels. Let’s go over how to ensure you get the right CBD product for your needs, the right dosage and delivery method to suit your lifestyle, and how to tell if your current CBD dosage is working.

Get the Right Product For You

It’s worth noting that CBD comes in a number of different forms, including isolate powders, crumble concentrates and even vape oils. It’s also important to understand that CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD are quite different from each other, with the former offering considerably more potency than the latter. This is because full-spectrum products retain several secondary cannabinoids and terpenoids, sacrificing their CBD milligram per milliliter values for a more authentic cannabis experience.

On the other hand, some CBD tinctures provide much more potency, with some providing up to 167mg of CBD in every 1ml drop. Once you’ve chosen a suitable product, be sure to use a CBD format that complicates your personal lifestyle. A vaper, for instance, could opt for CBD cartridges over tinctures, while a health nut is likely to prefer CBD powder for flavorless infusion into protein shakes or red beet smoothies.

Research the Appropriate Dosage for Your Use Case

Another important step in nailing down a working CBD dosage for your needs is due diligence. Take a few minutes to research the consensus recommended dosage for your age and weight group, as well as your intended use case. While it’s true that not all CBD products are equal, factors such as age, physical attributes and medical history can certainly influence the efficacy of CBD as well.

For example, a competitive gymnast looking to proactively supplement against muscle soreness or joint inflammation would sufficiently benefit from standard doses of a quality CBD product with average potency. However, an individual with a severe chronic pain disorder could be better served by investing in extra strength CBD products and adjusting dosages as needed to be able to sleep through the night.

Academic evidence through volunteer trials and studies — along with countless anecdotal testimonies via product reviews — support the assertion that the “right” CBD dosage depends not only on the product itself, but also on the particulars of the individual using it.

How to Tell if it’s Working

The final and most crucial element in judging the efficacy of CBD dosages is bioavailability, which is largely based on consumption method. Taking CBD oil sublingually by dropping it under the tongue, or orally by mixing it into food or drinks will create a slow, sustained release of CBD into the bloodstream. Conversely, inhaling CBD via smoking or vaping allows it to go straight to the lungs for much quicker absorption into the system.

The working time frame for the onset of a CBD product’s effects with the variables of potency, dosage size, delivery method and bioavailability is between 5-45 minutes. CBD users typically report stimulatory effects such as increased focus or ramped up appetite, as well as physiological and therapeutic effects including relief from pain, reduced anxiety, or the alleviation of stress.

It’s also worth being mindful of effects your CBD supplementation might be having on bodily functions outside the immediate time of dosage. In product reviews and social media, users commonly report longer and more restful sleep cycles, improvements in skin, increased concentration or even combinations of benefits.

With the use of quality products, correct dosage sizes and complementary formats to suit your preference, there’s no reason CBD can’t be an invaluable health supplement to help you live your best life.

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