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How to Overcome Five Common Essay Writing Problems

The learning process is never perfect. Every student faces challenges, especially when writing an essay because this is one of the most common assignments that can be received in a college or university. Below we will look at the five most common problems that arise when writing paperwork, and we will help you to find the way out.

Lack of inspiration

The most fundamental problem a student may face is a lack of inspiration. Indeed, each of you noticed that some articles are written very quickly. In contrast, others take painful weeks to write when you are trying to write the necessary several hundred words, and the feeling of work is as if you are trying to write a full-fledged novel in 5 days. If you lack inspiration, you can always read other authors’ work examples. Of course, we do not suggest copying someone else’s work. After all, sometimes it’s enough to read a few sentences so that you yourself have a brilliant idea for an essay.

Lack of time

Quite often, a student accumulates many tasks with the same deadline to complete, which is not only difficult but almost impossible. In this case, a correct solution to avoid bad grades is to contact the writing service. Companies such as Scam Fighter can help any student to find a reliable service to order paperwork. Just check the reviews there and find the service that will write an essay for you, regardless of complexity or deadline, while still meeting the requirements considering the number of sources used, the number of words, and other requirements that will guarantee a high score for the work.


No one wants to admit it, but many people consciously or unconsciously put off essential activities and tasks until the last moment. The reason for this phenomenon is rather difficult to explain, but it often happens that people who are covering a large task sit and consider how much they will have if they start doing it right now, just like people with sleep disorders. And the way to deal with this phenomenon is also very difficult and banal. Just start doing something. You can come up with a title for the article and make a small outline; sometimes, even one paragraph may be enough. Once the first step is taken, the next step goes much faster.

External distractions

If you live on campus, one of the main problems you will face when writing is external distractions. After all, you must admit, it’s pretty challenging to write an essay if you have a noisy party behind the wall, or someone decided to improve their skills on the guitar, or something happened to your roommate and decided to do a general cleaning or move furniture. In order to cover this problem, you need to try to get rid of all external manifestations. If noise bothers you, then buy absorbing headphones and try to ignore them when you are addressed. Or you can choose a secluded spot in a park on campus or go on a trail. If you want to write an article and you need some sweets or chocolates, then make sure that you have them.


The problem that students face after writing a paper is checking for correctness. Sometimes you read each sentence so many times that you can no longer pick out typos or grammatical errors. That is why be sure to pause between the time you finish writing and start checking the work. If you cannot wait, then in this case, we recommend contacting one of your friends to check your work. It won’t take long for sure, but it will help you get rid of the mistakes. 

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