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How to Plant the Guerrilla Crop aka Cannabis

Were you ever curious and wanted to plant cannabis hidden in an obscure place? Well here is an unconventional but comprehensive step by step instruction on how to plant cannabis.

The auto-flowering cannabis or automatic flowering is obtained from crossing plants of light-dependent marijuana (requiring reduced daylight hours to bloom).

You have to be clear about how to grow auto-flowering canna seeds, where they come from and what your crop can provide to get the most out of them.

Cannabis is one subspecies born mainly in cold areas such as Eastern Europe, Central Asia and other areas with clearly unfavorable for marijuana climates.

It is characterized by its low height and low THC content, although mainly due to its ability to bloom automatically regardless of the light received.

As a result of the crossing with this automatic flowering genetics, so-called auto-flowering plants are obtained that begin to bloom from the second to fourth week of growth, independently of the received light (photoperiod).

These plants show qualities characteristic of photoperiod depending genetics such as a higher percentage of THC, higher production and higher organoleptic qualities.

That is why, in addition to other reasons that we will discuss later at the discretion of crops so that many seed banks and breeders or marijuana geneticists have focused their work on the creation of auto-flowering canna seeds.

Guerrilla cultivation is cultivation in a secret and hidden place or space that is not in your garden, usually in nature that cannot be easily discovered.

One advantage of guerrilla farming is that it is very unlikely that someone will take the plants since they are planted in a public place.

Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that wild animals do not take them before you do, so it’s important to choose a good place to grow. Autoflower cannabis seed is the best way to get you a healthy cannabis plant.

Choose a place for cultivation

The first step in cannabis is to find a good place to plant it. Try to find a place not far from a water source. You will want to look for a place where there will not be many visitors or workers throughout the year.

Highly visited national parks, public places, and trails that are maintained by employees will not be the best places. The best places are those of difficult access, such as a place away from the path or hidden among the bushes.

Be Ready

Do not let them catch you. Enough said.

Cover your tracks

Avoid leaving obvious marks that lead to your place of cultivation. Take a different route each time and if you are leaving tracks, throw some dirt on them as you walk. Leaving an obvious path is an easy way for someone to discover your plant.

Start growing

If you want your plants to grow a lot and produce pounds instead of ounces, it is recommended to plant the clones or grow your canna seeds in an interior space during the winter. You will want to plant your canna seeds and place them under some artificial lights.

Once they have started to sprout a little, you can replant them in your place of cultivation. If you do not have an interior space to start growing, you can plant your canna seeds in an outdoor space, but you will not get the best results.

Go to the place of cannabis in spring.

Finished the winter and arrival the spring, it is time to plant your cannabis plants. If you have already grown them in an interior space, you should accustom them to sunlight by putting them in outer space for a few hours each day.

Place your plants in a box or take your canna seeds and go to the place of guerrilla cultivation that you have chosen.

You must dig a deep hole to plant your cannabis. You can add a little pre-mix, pearlite or water-absorbing crystals to retain moisture and get stronger roots.

Remember, the stronger the roots, the stronger the plant, and a stronger plant means more product.

Plant your cannabis

If you have already started to cultivate in the winter which is highly recommended, place your plants in your soil mixtures in the holes.

Water your plants until the soil is well moist. If you still have seeds at this point, plant them in the soil mixture and water until the soil is moistened.

Protect your plant

The only disadvantage of guerrilla farming is that your cannabis plants will be susceptible to wild animals and pests. You can place chicken wire around your plant to keep wild animals away, especially if you are in a servant’s zone. 

Water your plants

It is extremely important that you keep your plants with water to prevent them from dying. Each time it does not rain for more than ten consecutive days, you must go and water your cannabis plants.

Make sure you water your plant enough to saturate the roots completely. If you are near a water source, you can use a cheap hand pump to water your cannabis plants.

Check if there are pests

Every time you water your plant, check for pests. Along the stems, you will find damage if bugs are eating from the plant. You should treat these pests immediately since the bugs can kill your plant.

Beware of bugs in your cannabis plants

If you use seeds instead of clones, your plants will begin to show their sex in late summer.

The male plants have flowers that look like small bunches of banana, and the female plants have small white hairs that emanate from the points where the branches and stems come together.

Remove all male plants before they have the opportunity to fill the cocoons of female seed plants.

Feed your cannabis plants

At the end of the summer, you must add some cannabis plant food to obtain the maximum results from your plant. Try adding some ingredients and supplements like bat guano around the roots and water it.

Apply little nitrogen and look for cannabis plant foods that contain phosphorus and potassium. These nutrients will help you obtain the greatest harvest of your plants.

Avoid excess moisture in the fall

It is as crucial to keeping your cannabis plants with water in the summer, as it is to keep the cocoons dry in the fall to prevent them from rotting.

Shake excess moisture from the rain of your buds every time you visit your plants. If your plants begin to rot, collect your harvest beforehand to prevent them from rotting further.

And finally, collect your cannabis harvest

When the leaves fall, and the colors emerge, it is time to pick up the harvest of your plants. You will want to choose a time when no one else is outside, maybe early in the morning or on a cloudy day.

Bring a large solid-colored container with you like a five-gallon bottle that can be closed to prevent someone from smelling or seeing your cannabis plant.

Place the branches inside the container with the cut end down to keep your calculations intact.

Work fast once you are in a safe place, you can dry and cut your plants. Then, you’ll be ready to smoke, vaporize or even make groceries with your freshly harvested crops and you can prepare for the following year.

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