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Good vs Bad: How to Spot Good Weed (plus New Strains to Try Out)

Not all weed is created equal. How can you tell the good weed from bad weed? You don’t want wet buds because it will encourage the growth of molds or mildew.

With recreational marijuana now legal in 11 US states and some countries in Europe (like Netherlands), it’s time to start learning more about it. You can now buy quality weed online but first you need to know how to tell if it’s good quality.

Not all weed strains are made the same. Some cannabis strains may help ease certain physical or mental ailments.

Some weed strains are just good weed that gives you a nice buzz. But there’s also low-quality weed that won’t do much. 

While you don’t need to become a connoisseur, it does help to know the basics and how to consume or smoke it. 

Just like there are different glasses for drinking, there are also different ways of smoking weed like a vaporizer, joint, and bong.

Check out this guide to learn how to spot good weed.

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Good Weed Vs Bad: Learn the Lingo

There are several terms you need to become well-versed in if you want to end up with good weed. Some people actually prefer lower quality weed because it gives them less of a high. 

Learning the vocabulary can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll also know how to avoid what you don’t want.

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Bad Reggie Weed

If you’re a discerning marijuana smoker looking to get some top-shelf marijuana, avoid Reggie weed at all costs.

It’s the lowest quality around and is the type that high schoolers would attempt to sell to their friends after growing it in their parent’s backyard. 

Reggie weed may also be called schwag weed.

You can spot bad weed easily because of these traits:

  • Dry and airy – means low-quality flower
  • Full of seeds – seeds don’t taste good
  • Full of stems – means it was poorly trimmed and packaged

If you do try to smoke Reggie weed you’ll notice that it’s harsh on your lungs.

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Mid-Grade Weed

Mid-grade weed is often preferred because it won’t make you feel like lying around all day doing nothing. You also won’t end up stoned out of your mind. 

Mid-grade weed is good if you like feeling a little stoned but also want to be productive.

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Top-Shelf Weed: The Good Stuff

You’ll recognize top-shelf marijuana because it looks, smells, and feels better than bad weed.

The smell will be a strong pleasant odor not musty or grassy. The feel should be sticky and a little spongy when you squeeze it. 

This article by WBUD expounds on this further and will give you more tips in spotting good weed. 

Just keep in mind that you’ll probably end up with a much more potent buzz if you smoke top-shelf which is great if that’s what you’re looking for. Aim for a hand-trimmed flower versus machine-trimmed.

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A Few Good Cannabis Strains to Know About

New strains are always popping up. Some have health benefits like Charlotte’s Web, a CBD brand, which is known to help stop seizures.

However, this strain does not contain THC, the chemical that produces a high. 

Here are a few weed strains which are known for bringing about a good buzz:

PB Soufflé

The breeders of PB Soufflé did their homework. This strain was created to decrease genetic flaws and susceptibility to disease. 

You’ll notice it’s tinged with purple and dark green hues. When smoked, your taste buds will pick up nutty, earthy flavors that will remind you of creamy peanut butter. 

Mint Chocolate Chip

Created by Exotic Genetix who has already brought you such strains as Tina, Cookies and Cream, and Grease Monkey. This is a 50/50 hybrid strain. 

You’ll notice a grassy, earthy mix of flavors in the beginning. But the end is a creamy cool mint. 

For those looking for a strain that produces both a euphoric and relaxing feeling without being knocked out, Mint Chocolate Chip could be for you.

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Blueberry Muffin

While Blueberry Muffin isn’t a brand new strain, it is a favorite among connoisseurs. You’ll notice Blueberry Muffin has purple-tinted flowers along with a uniform structure. 

It actually smells like freshly baked muffins. Its taste is like berries and sweet that’s softened by a smooth, creamy finish. 

When smoked you end up feeling happy, euphoric, and relaxed. It’s also rather energizing.

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The Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana

You have choices when it comes to how you want to ingest your marijuana. You could make it into a nice tea, bake it into some tasty brownies or smoke it.

If you choose to smoke your marijuana, you have a few options as well.

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Vaporizers are the healthiest way to smoke marijuana. The vape heats the herb and not burning it. 

THC and CBD vape oil burns at a lower temperature than burning the leaves or bud. The result is you inhale pure vapor without tar or other harmful chemicals. 


  • Gets you very high
  • Allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the strain
  • It’s cleaner and healthier


  • It takes more hits to get you high than other methods
  • The best vapes aren’t cheap

However, the best vapes are also an investment worth making.

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Honey Straw

A honey straw is also known as a nectar collector. Honey Straw is an inventive way to dab. A honey straw is a portable dab tool that’s used to dab concentrates. Honey straws are simple-by-design, and they allow users to dab concentrates directly.

Types of Honey Straws:

Silicone Honey Straw

Glass Honey Straw

Electric Honey Straw


Compact and easy to carry around

Entry-level cost

Easy to clean

Unique dabbing experience


Glass pipes break easily

The Honey Straw is an incredibly versatile device that should be in every dab enthusiast’s arsenal. Whether you’re always on-the-go or find yourself kicking back at home — the honey straw is a must-have tool.


Glass pipes are quick, easy to use, and very efficient. Most weed smokers refer to them as bowls. 


  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Come in a wide array of styles



A bong is also known as a water pipe. Water is placed inside the bong. The smoke then passes through the water before inhaling it through the mouthpiece. 

The result is a smoother hit, especially when cold water and/or ice is used. The water also filters out resin and certain harmful chemicals. 


  • Can flavor the water to enhance the taste
  • Bigger, smoother hits compared to bowls
  • Easy and quick to get high


  • Bulky
  • Uses more weed than other methods

Use a glass bowl, not a plastic or acrylic bong. They’re better for your health.

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Joints are the most traditional method available. You can buy rolling papers in any convenient store. But you should learn how to roll one properly. 


  • It’s cheap and effective
  • Wastes less weed than a bong


  • Burns faster
  • Can burn your lips and fingers while smoking

However, they’re easy to carry around and pass around.

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Hookahs typically have four or more nozzles attached to it. You can also mix it with flavored shisha tobacco which helps it cook slower. It’s then vaporized not smoked. 


  • Perfect for sharing
  • Won’t get you high immediately so you can enjoy your evening


  • Wastes a lot of weed

A good tip is to not let the coal touch your blend when you smoke it. 

Final Thoughts

It’s important to educate yourself on the latest good weed strains so you know what to look for at your local dispensary.

You should also keep up on the latest news for when the laws change where you live. Our site has your covered! If you’re in Europe, you can buy cannabis online in Netherlands at growerschoic.nl

In summary, try to see, smell and touch the weed before you buy it. Avoid buds with seeds and stems. The bud should not be dry and airy.

Make sure the color is green and not brown. Look for sparkling, crystal-like trichomes and make sure that it doesn’t smell grassy or musty.

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