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How to Start a Vape Shop Online: A Complete Guide

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The global vaping industry has been on the rise ever since its conception. As the years go on, the percentage of online transactions has been on the rise. Of course, this number peaked during the pandemic, which makes the current time optimal for opening up a new online business.

Know the Market

Vaping is a somewhat tricky market, with a large community of users that in most cases enjoy being included in the entire process, leading to some people creating their flavors of e-liquids, customized vape pens, coils, and fluid containers, as well as making their own vaping rigs.

The components for all these, as well as the final products, are what can be found on most of the online CBD & vape shops out there. We’ll touch upon more on what these products are, but for now, you should know that vapers can be picky about what they get, so make sure to understand what you’re selling so you can answer any questions about specifications they might have.

Educate Yourself on Products

Most of the products you’ll be selling fall into the following three categories, and we’ve put together a short description of what they are and how they should be included in your online store. Once again, you will need to provide answers to the customers’ inquiries, so make sure to educate yourself on a product before you introduce it to your shop.

Vape Juices

Almost every vape shop sells vape juices, also known as e-juices or e-liquids. This is, of course, used in vaping to create vapor and carry the taste of the liquid and nicotine if it’s present. There are many vape juices out there, with all different kinds of flavors that you can include in your shop. You can also have the components needed to make homemade e-liquids for those who like to make their own.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are, of course, the tool of every vaper, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. How a pen performs is very important to the entire process, so make sure only to sell quality vape pens.

Additional Equipment

As mentioned, many vapers love to customize their vape pens with different coils, tanks, and everything in between. All these parts can make their way into your online store if that’s something you want to explore.

Figure Out the Legal Side of Things

Because many vape-related products contain nicotine, they are regulated by the FDA – Food & Drug Administration. For a product to be sold and manufactured, it needs to have a whole list of permits and legal a-okays from the FDA.

If you’re just a supplier, you don’t have a lot to worry about on this note, as all the FDA requires is that you sell products that they approved and add a proper label with content and warnings.

However, if you’re thinking of manufacturing your e-liquids, the FDA has a lot to say about that. You’ll have to go through a lengthy and expensive process to get your product verified by them, and you’d have to repeat it for every new product, even if it’s just a different flavor.

Good Marketing Is Key

As with any other business, without good marketing and branding, you won’t get very far. Because of vaping’s relation to tobacco, you can’t precisely market your products anywhere due to the regulations regarding the advertisement of tobacco products.

However, the internet is made for this. Even though huge advertisers like Google or Facebook won’t accept ads that feature anything that has to do with vaping, they are still great places to connect with vaping communities and promote your business.

You should also look into the popular vaping magazines and vaping events that are going on, as those are very well regarded in the community and great places to gain new customers.

Online Store Setup

With the actual setup of your online store, there’s just a couple of quick points we should cover:

  • Make sure your online shop is age-restricted to the legal age where people can vape in your state;
  • All of your products that contain nicotine must be labeled with warnings;
  • You should include a detailed product description for anything you’re selling.

In Conclusion

That’s about everything you need to know if you’re considering opening up your online vape shop. The most important piece of advice you can get is to do your research and know what world you’re getting into. Once you have that, it’s all up to good marketing and quality products.

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