Monday, October 25, 2021

iHit Case Review: Awesome Joint Cases for your iPhone

Okay, so the iHit Case deserves a lot of credit for inventing cases that can carry your joints or cigarettes.

The company @iHit24_7 has different types of cases for different models of the iPhone namely iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Note that it has the plus size version cases as well. Today we are reviewing the iHit case for the iPhone 7.

the ihit

iPhone 7 is now seen in hands of many people, mainly those belonging to the modern generation.

But these people need a protective, yet stylish case for the safety of their iPhones and iHit Case is reportedly the perfect fit to their requirements.


Initially, this case was launched for iPhone 5 model and now it is available for the iPhone 7 model as well.

According to us, it is perfect for use by any person handling an expensive iPhone 7.

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Prominent features of the iHit Case

  • It is a dual chambered phone case, provided with springs that help to open the lids of the chambers. The lower chamber is used for stacking cigarettes, pipes or any other smoking items, while the other chamber is used for holding the precious iPhone 7. Presently, this case can handle up to 5 cigarettes or joints at a time.
  • This iHit Case locks tightly, securing the objects stored inside and also to keep the iPhone free from the odor of the tobacco-based products.
  • In some models of iHit Cases, the lower chamber is installed as a tray that can be rolled in and out, whenever required, while holding the cigarettes in place. So the user can simply open this lower chamber and have a puff of a cigarette, whenever he feels like.
  • This case is made of a highly durable polycarbonate sheet that is not damaged by water or snow.  Moreover, this case is made secure by silicon spray, to enable the user to grip more securely and comfortably.
  • This iHit Case is also provided with a ceramic hitter for even the largest size of cigarettes.
  • This case is so designed to accommodate any future and upgraded model of iPhone as well; so that the owner does not need to change the case, even if he changes his iPhone.
  • The size of this iHit Case is designed in such a way that it fits in the pocket of any user, without the necessity of carrying any bag for it. Moreover, it is quite lightweight and thus, enables the owner to carry it comfortably with him.

This iHit Case is available for $29.99 at

One may also carry it while going for an adventurous trek, camping or snowboarding, as it can sustain all types of weather hazards.

So now I can expect to use my iPhone, while enjoying smoking among my friends, in style.

The non-smokers can use the lower chamber of this case for keeping currency notes or to hide any important document, by rolling them up like a cigarette and placing them inside this chamber.  

We love everything about this case!

To buy this, go to

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