Incredibles Review: High Quality Handcrafted Infused Edibles

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THC Content




What We Love

  • Each square contains exact dosage
  • Each square is clearly marked with the milligrams of THC
  • Very tasty and delicious
  • Handcrafted
  • Quality is consistent

@IncrediblesMMJ by Medically Correct are high quality handcrafted infused edibles. They are based in Colorado and they are one of the biggest edible companies.

They are an award-winning brand and reviewing their edibles was such a treat. Recently they were honored by High Times Cannabis Cup with the 2016 Best CBD Edible.

Aside from that, year after year they have won more than two awards from the High Times Cannabis Cup since 2013.


Are you looking for edibles that are properly portioned? Incredibles’ e-portions just might be the one for you.

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What is an E-portion?

One of the coolest things we’ve noticed is that each square was carefully marked with the amount of THC. In the case above, one can see that the dosage is 10mg of THC.

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They call this e-portions and this provides an exact dosage for every square. It is very innovative and it provides the consumer with a safe way of ingesting the edibles.

Remember in every edible, always start low and go slow. The metabolism is different for everyone so the effect could take 60 minutes to two hours.


The taste of each cannabis edible is very delicious. We were able to try The Strawberry Crunch 100mg of THC, Peanut Budda Buddha 200mg of THC, Boulder Bar 100mg of THC and the Mile High Mint 300mg of THC.

The flavors are superior and you can clearly tell that the quality of these edibles is very high. Each of the edibles is handcrafted as well. All will give you a cool buzz with the evenly infused squares.

The ingredients are well blended that you can’t taste much of the THC. Their cannabis edibles typically contain hybrid combinations of cannabis. I think the only problem with the bars is that they taste so good, one might have the urge to take too much.

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Again, we advise on starting with a low dose then wait for an hour or two. Overall, the quality and taste are very consistent.

Other Products of Incredibles

According to their website, Incredibles carries more than 15 different flavors of handcrafted cannabis chocolate bars. All are lab tested. They also carry cannabis vape pens and cannabis oil extracts.


In Conclusion

We highly recommend trying the Incredibles especially for those who are just beginning to explore cannabis edibles. The e-portion is the perfect way to regulate yourself from having too much. All their cannabis edibles are tasty and the euphoria that you get is just right. For more information, go to

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