Iram Cesani: Award-Winning Digital Marketing Manager for MagicalButter

Iram Cesani

Iram joined back in April 2017 and hasn’t looked back! As the MB label remains a leader in the cannabis sector(s), Iram continues to pioneer the digital frontier in curating the company’s next wave of herb culture, consumption, and consumerism.

In a mobile-first world, where digital disruptions are inevitable, Iram can see both the big picture and tactical milestones to fulfill that vision.

Balancing a new generation of ‘acceptance’ and bridging the education gap between art and science- continues to attract, engage and convert audiences for business growth. Read on to learn more about Iram and his role at MagicalButter.

What is your background and what is your role in MagicalButter?

Iram Cesani: My background is in digital marketing. At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities within each channel, my skills are practiced at the B2C (Business 2 Consumer), B2B (Business 2 Business), and D2C (Direct 2 Consumer) levels. I joined MagicalButter in November 2017 as the Digital Marketing Manager, and have since then assisted with the global expansion of the brand. Growing to 5 continents and 39 countries. I’ve been curating our brand identity, increasing market share, growing our digital footprint, and driving community within our loyal customer base. As the Digital Marketing Manager, our technology ecosystem requires meticulous attention to product details, industry-wide trends, and touchpoint potency. Along with managing MagicalButter’s digital footprint, I assist in product development, website integration, and the entire supply chain. It’s vital you understand your products from ideation to inception.

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What is the most challenging experience you have had in the cannabis industry so far?

Iram Cesani: The most challenging experience is definitely working with or against big media regulation. As a brand that does not touch the flower, we are still tied to the same rules and legal parameters as is a grow and/or cultivator. Though we are ancillary to the industry, we are paired with stigmas that can often pigeon whole perception or perceived value of our brand within the first few minutes of reading the advertising policies. And though we relentlessly pursue every avenue to maintain transparency with our media partners and first-party data agencies, time is against us. What takes a regulated CPG brand a day to onboard with a partner such as Facebook or Google, in some cases could take us weeks before they review, approve and a contract is signed. It’s not so much the partner will not want to work with us, it’s more about the time it takes before the gap of information and education is filled before the relationship starts.

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What is the best thing you have created using the MagicalButter? 

Iram Cesani: The best thing is by far CBD butter. I’m an avid user of CBD everything. It’s a part of my daily skincare regimen, dietary supplements, and practically all my meals. CBD butter is also very universal. I can spread, melt, fry, bake, and even saute with butter! And the amount is perfect every time because I get the taste profile, batch consistency, and precise dosage on every cycle. Customization is key and I love the control I get with my MagicalButter machine which is why I have three at home!

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Is MagicalButter coming up with something new and if yes, would you care to drop a few hints?

Iram Cesani: Something new? Of course we are! We have so many exciting new products coming in 2020! If I had to drop a hint or two I will say this… Finished products and subscriptions are coming to a checkout screen near you!

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What is your advice for hopeful cannabis job seekers who are considering joining the cannabis industry? What are the positives and negatives they should expect?

Iram Cesani: My advice for anyone joining the cannabis industry regardless of job title or role is that you need to do your research. From your state regulations to global legalization and reform. You need to understand that we are the pioneers. We are the educators. We are the advocates. We are the lobbyists. We are the information. We are the generation of now. Cannabis legalization just took off in the last decade. Textbooks will not write about this for another decade. Just twenty years ago, we were sold in the black market and now you can find us in the supermarket. Do research beyond the books and the internet. Visit your local dispensaries, or grow if you can. Get to know the plant and the many uses. Join a cannabis group on Facebook. Your peers are sometimes your truest resources of information. Join the global hashtag communities on Instagram. Start to visualize how many forms cannabis has taken shape in flower, consumption, commerce and technology. Attend one of the hundreds of summits, conferences, trade shows and expos that happen year-round all around the globe. This is my advice. Don’t be just a user, be an advocate before you join the good fight. As far as positives and negatives go, expect it all. Positive, because you’re doing something you truly love and not looking at this as some Monday through Friday paycheck. You get to work with some of the happiest, emotionally driven, hardest workers I’ve ever come across. People who are relentless about their craft and do not give up. As for negatives, people will talk because they don’t understand the bigger picture. Instead of siding with them to avoid confrontation, you should reason and educate them. You’d be surprised how many peers come around and end up wanting to know more.

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How has MagicalButter helped your customers?

Iram Cesani: Where do I even begin. I have read hundreds, if not thousands of reviews in our online community forums. Pain relief, ailments, speedy recovery, cancer-free patients, seizure relief, anxiety relief, sleep aids and the list goes on for another mile. Beyond our reviews, which I treat like stories behind the brand, I have seen videos, spoken with strangers that have turned to friends, and have come across people almost everyday that have a beautiful story about our machine. Some people use it for themselves. Some use it for loved ones or friends. Some use it to retain good health. Overall, MagicalButter isn’t just a product in your kitchen to a customer. We are a lifestyle choice, relying on herbal medicine to act as a remedy to our mental and physical well-being.

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Thanks, Iram for doing the interview! We are excited to see what MagicalButter would bring us this 2020! Visit for more information and to get one for yourself.

About Iram Cesani

Iram Cesani is an award-winning digital marketing professional. With expertise in the communications arena from advertising to new media activations, he is continuously applauded for dependability.

Iram’s undergraduate career holds multiple concentrations from The University of Tampa in advertising, marketing & public relations. Including educational achievements from the #1 financial institution in the People’s Republic of China.

The Alliance for Global Education scholarship granted him to study abroad and remain focused on socio-economics and new technology at Shanghai University of Finance & Economics. 

Iram joined the second-largest promotional products and packaging company, Proforma (Cleveland, OH)- after graduation. Where he joined the New Owner Development team in Tampa, FL and expanded the Proforma brand in the digital arena.

Iram excelled in his first year as an Associate Marketing Manager showing both accountabilities internally and actionable results for the industry.

He also headlined the companies first social media workshop(s) at their global conference in his first year. Here, hundreds of business owners colonize for industry expertise and trends in the future of marketplace selling & eCommerce.

Shortly thereafter, Iram took a more expansive role in the medical device industry. Joining one of the largest medical providers in the country where he led efforts as the Digital Marketing Manager.

Here, he re-invented the wheel and took the company to the next level in digital marketing.

Growing the national network and campaign activations that reeled 7 figure growth in both B2C and B2B environments- within his first year.

Nearly two years in, the company was placed on a plaque for success and completed his contract.

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