Karli Miller-Hornick: Why Regenerative Farming in Cannabis is Better than Mono-farming

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In this episode, I interview Karli Miller-Hornick, CEO and co-founder of Florist Farms. Karli has been a New Yorker her whole life.

She was born and raised in the Capital Region and attended Cornell University in Ithaca with a focus on Hospitality and Sustainable Agriculture. Karli has dedicated her life to building community through sustainable, organic, and regenerative farming.

Karli specializes in cannabis branding, marketing, packaging, and sales: this is evident as the creative powerhouse behind Farmer Group’s four brands: Florist Farms, Head & Heal, Blotter, and TUNE beverages.


Co-founders Karli Miller-Hornick & Allan Gandelman have been business partners since 2016.

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All Florist Farms products are guaranteed compliant with NYS laws, as well as third-party tested for purity and potency. Florist Farms is located in Cortland, NY– This includes the farm, extraction lab, and offices.

Florist Farms was established in 2020, first as a hemp-flower brand, and now touts a full lineup of dispensary-ready products. Florist Farms’ lab was the first GMP compliant hydrocarbon extraction facility in New York State.

By being fully vertically integrated, Florist Farms is able to maintain a high standard of quality control since they oversee all aspects of its brand.

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