10 Luxury Cannabis Gifts for Her


If you are looking for unique #cannabis gifts for your girl, read on below! Follow these companies we featured: @CBDlivingwater, @AnnaBisStyle, @GPen, @1906NewHighs, @craveskincare, @ForiaPleasure, @whoopiandmaya, @WeekendBoxCBD, @highgorgeousofficial.

These gift ideas are one of a kind and luxurious. Your mom, girlfriend or wife will thank you for it, guaranteed!

CBD Living Loose Leaf Tea

cbd living tea

CBD Living is one of our favorite CBD companies as they have a wide variety of CBD products. Recently they launched their CBD Loose Leaf Tea. Their tea is infused with high-quality nano-CBD. Their nano-CBD technology makes the CBD in tea highly bioavailable and easily absorbable. Try all of their 5 delicious tea varieties: Berry Black Tea, Passion Green Tea, Mango Herbal Tea, Chai Turmeric Tea and Coconut Herbal Tea. They also have a yummy Matcha Instant Green Tea where you just add hot water to the powder and stir to dissolve. The CBD Living Loose Leaf Tea is a decadent gift for any lady.

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AnnaBis Lady G Crossbody Bag, $245

annabis lady

The Lady G by AnnaBis is a beautiful crossbody bag that transforms into a waist bag with a simple clasp of the strap. This bag has a mobile phone compartment, two Aroma-Bloc zippered compartments with gusseted pockets. The materials used in making these are ultra high quality and this bag is the perfect gift for your diva girlfriend.

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Badwood MicroG Vaporizer, $99.95

badwood microg vaporizer

Grenco Science created this Badwood MicroG Vaporizer especially for the ladies. Designed by Natalie Wood of the famous Badwood ‘ski mask’ logo, the vaporizer offers distinctive street art that sets this vaporizer apart from the rest. But aside from the beauty of this product, it packs a wallop, delivering big vapor clouds at a single press of a button.

What’s included:

1906 High Love Chocolates

1906 high love

What cannabis gal doesn’t love to receive chocolates with THC? These 1906 High Love Chocolates are the perfect gift for your girl. Aside from the fact that they are extremely delicious and have no bitter taste, these chocolates are for micro-dosing. Each chocolate block comes with 5mg of THC and is fast acting – 15 minutes only!

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CBD Living Disposable Vapes

cbd living disposable vapes

A unique gift for your lady is a .5 gram disposable vape from CBD Living. It is easy to use and comes out of the box pre-charged. Each vape contains 250mg of full spectrum nano-CBD and is activated when you draw off it. It has no PG and VG, the ingredients that are harmful to vape liquids. We love how convenient these vapes are. They come in six flavors: Tangie, Bubble Gum, Natural, Sour Diesel, Grapefruit and Blueberry.

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Crave Skincare

crave skincare

Crave Skincare’s products are beneficial for those who wish to attain youthful glow and to find treatment for certain skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. They contain the finest CBD oils and other wonderful ingredients that tighten your skin and improve your overall appearance. Get her the Crave Makeup Cleanser, perfect end for her day.

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Foria Pleasure, $38

foria pleasure

So this perfect gift not only benefits your girl but also benefits you! The Foria Pleasure Spray Bottle, 10ml, has 150mg of THC and about 15 servings. In 2014, GQ Magazine called FORIA’s flagship item (FORIA Pleasure) the “Sex Product of the Year.” She can use it alone or with you. But well, you know… she should use it with you.

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Whoopi and Maya Rub, Medical Cannabis Body Balm

Whoopi and Maya created this wonderful product called Rub. Guess what it’s designed specifically for? Yup, you guessed it. It’s for Aunt Flo. She doesn’t have to suffer or turn into Hyde when that dreaded period comes. The Medical Cannabis Rub gives the menstrual relief she needs. This topical cream is highly effective, increases blood flow, uplifts the mood, and is intoxicating.

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The Weekend Box CBD, $99

weekend box cbd

The Weekend Box CBD has all the luxury CBD goodies your girlfriend needs to de-stress and relax! Inside the box you get bath salts, tea, CBD vape, chocolates, skin cream and a bath bomb. All CBD products are carefully created to give you the best CBD present for your loved one. After a week of hard work and stress, she will appreciate The Weekend Box CBD.

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Phil Frost x Burton GPen Elite Vaporizer, $99

gpen elite

The Gpen Elite is a top quality, discreet and stylish vaporizer made by Grenco Science. They created a special edition made especially for the stylish women and that is the Phil Frost x Burton G Pen Elite. As you can see it comes with its own luxury purse complete with accessories. New York-based artist Phil Frost designed this work of art that blends the gritty look of the street and elegant aesthetic.

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Pop, The Bubbly Bubble Bath by High Gorgeous

high gorgeous

This THC-infused bubble bath by High Gorgeous gives her not only a clean scent but at the same time rejuvenates her, thanks to the magic of the product’s 200-mg THC level. This is such an amazing bubble bath. Can be used as a bubble bath, body wash, or localized soak to soothe tired foot muscles.

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