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Psilocybin – Do Magic Mushrooms Show Up on Urine Drug Tests?

Can drug testing reveal that you have been using psilocybin? More specifically, will magic mushrooms or hallucinogens like LSD show up on a standard 12-panel drug test?

To answer this question simply, the short answer is no.

Psilocybin test kits do exist. However, these don’t use urine analysis like the most common 5 or 12-panel drug test kits. Don’t celebrate just yet, though. If you use magic mushrooms, there are other factors to consider.

Psilocybin Won’t Make You Fail a Drugs Test – But Other Drugs Will

A psilocybin test will usually take the form of a hair test. This is because psilocybin from magic mushrooms leaves the blood and urine within 15-hours of doses being administered.

In theory, this means that even if you used psilocybin recently, a standard 12-panel drug test will show no signs of you doing so. However, there are situations where tests may prove positive.

  • If you microdose with psilocybin, you may test positive on a urine drug test within an hour of doing so.
  • In some cases, psilocybin can be contaminated with other drugs that do appear during testing.
  • After being ingested, psilocybin is converted to psilocin. Psilocin leaves the body in approximately 5-hours. However, there are cases where trace amounts of Psilocin can remain in the body for up to 7-days.

How Contamination of Magic Mushrooms Occurs


In most cases, people who fail a urine drug test after using magic mushrooms, do so because of trace amounts of other drugs. This can happen as a result of psilocybin mushrooms being stored with cannabis.

As a recreational drug, it is also common for psilocybin to be consumed in the presence of other drugs. (Typically, marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, and occasionally, opioids.)

Thankfully, preventing drug tests from identifying trace amounts of other illicit substances is possible.

If You are About to be Drug Tested, You Need to Detox

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most common drug identified in drug tests after consuming magic mushrooms.

You might not consciously have used marijuana. However, you may have unwittingly ingested trace amounts, as a result of mushrooms being stored with cannabis. If this is the case, you have two options, as mentioned in

  • If you have time, it is possible to detox and flush your system using products like THC detox pills.
  • When there isn’t time to detox or flush your system, you can try substituting your own urine for clean urine from another person, or synthetic urine.

As it stands, using substituted or synthetic urine will be the best option for most psilocybin users. This is thanks to the fact that clean urine will test as completely negative for all drug traces, not just THC.

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