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Mighty Meds


10.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.5 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

What We Love

  • CO2 Extracted
  • Highly Potent
  • Powerful Euphoria
  • Additive Free
  • Great Taste


  • None

Mighty Meds Review

mighty meds

The Mighty Meds pen kit is the best solution for those who are looking for a vape that is compact and easy to carry. With its excellent features it is simply the best mate for anyone who is into vaping. Mighty Meds has four glass cartridges in their product line:

  1. Mighty – 600mg High-Potency INDICA Cartridge
  2. Balance – 600mg High-Potency HYBRID Cartridge
  3. Clarity – 600mg High-Potency SATIVA Cartridge
  4. Recovery – +200mg High-Potency CBD Cartridge (CBD:THC is 2:1)

About the Vape Kit

This 5/10 thread battery has everything that a patient will require. The long battery life allows more than 100 inhalations. With the manual push button, it is easy to control the puffs precisely. Recharge the pen fast with the help of 3.6 volt charging and get maximum vapor with heavier draw. There is a USB charger along with the kit and all this comes in a protective case for carrying the pen, charger and the cartridge.

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Appearance of the Vape Kit

The Mighty Meds vape pen is sleek and comes with a smart look. You can carry this pen either in the case provided along with the pen or carry it in your pocket. Being portable you can carry it along with you wherever you go. It has a long battery life allowing you to use it longer and it also get recharged easily within 30 minutes.

Vape Pen Specs

  • These pens are used by discreet and disposable vape cartridges
  • There is a manual push button that allows precision while you puff the vape
  • It takes only a few seconds for heating up
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • The long battery life allows more than 100 inhalations
  • The air path is completely isolated and you get pure vapor
  • You get maximum vapor with 3.6 volt settings

What should you know about it?

This Mighty Meds vape pen  is your best friend when you want to vape cannabis instead of smoking it. You can get 600mg high potency SATIVA cartridges or try the other three cartridges. The combination of THC and CBD cannabinoids allows the user to get cannabis that is balanced and of course potent. Get powerful pain relief by using the cartridge from Mighty Med.

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Performance of the Vape Pen

When it comes to this pen it is reliable in its performance. The battery life allows more than 100 inhalations that are quite long lasting. The pen is durable. Apart from that you can easily recharge the battery within 30 minutes only. We found the performance to be quite awesome.

Performance of the Vape Glass Cartridges 

Their oils are CO2 extracted which is very important. According to their website, the following oils were tested by Pharmlabs and these were the results:

  1. Mighty – 600mg High-Potency INDICA Cartridge – felt in the body, powerful pain relief, earthy OG flavor 
  2. Balance – 600mg High-Potency HYBRID Cartridge – guaranteed 50+mg CBD, headband effect while soothing the body, powerful medicine day or night 
  3. Clarity – 600mg High-Potency SATIVA Cartridge – cerebral effect, energized, creative focused and it has a light and clean flavor 
  4. Recovery – +200mg High-Potency CBD Cartridge (CBD:THC is 2:1) – felt in the body, powerful pain relief, earthy OG flavor 
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Our Final Thoughts

We highly recommend Mighty Meds vape kit and their cartridges! We like the pen for its simple design and sleek feature. Charging it is simple with the USB charger and charging is fast too, 30 minutes only. We love the quality and the effect of the four glass cartridges. One important thing to remember is that when buying cartridges, buy from companies that store the cannabis oil in glass cartridges and not plastic ones. This is very important in preserving the taste. Our personal favorites are the Balance Hybrid Cartridge and the Recovery CBD Cartridge. No additives in their cartridges, only pure Co2 extracted cannabis oil. The flavors and terpenes in their cartridges are of great quality. The euphoria that each cartridge brings is amazing.

To get more information on it you may want to visit http://www.mightymedvape.com.

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