Mind Map to Setup a Grow Room

Growing indoors is fun but also tricky. Whether it is a grow tent or a big grow room, how you set it up determines the final yields.

Setting up a grow system indoors might be complicated, but it will keep your plants protected from natural challenges and ensure better yields.

You can control and optimize the necessary and customized inputs for healthy plant growth, including lights, moisture, ventilation, nutrients, and temperature. 

However, you need to carefully plan the grow room setup to get optimum results. This article will give you a complete mind map to set up a grow system.

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Things to Consider While Setting up a Grow Room

Setting up a grow room is expensive and time-taking. Even the simplest grow rooms, with just the basics, will take a considerable amount of effort to get in shape. Therefore, it is very important to take all the necessary details into account.


While setting up a grow room, keep two major things in mind:

  • General grow room necessities
  • Plant specific necessities

Address these two issues and make a mind map to ensure the best possible outcome. We will now look at the general criteria for setting up a grow room in detail.

Choose and Plan Your Space

First, choose a space away from the traffic to avoid noise and unwanted dust. Once you decide the location, there are a few things you need to consider while planning the space for your grow room.

People often overestimate this space and end up paying the bills for unused space. Make sure to plan the space according to the following points:

  • Number of plants you plan to grow
  • Growing mediums you plan to use
  • Number of lights and their locations
  • Placement of sensors

Once you make a well thought out plan, work accordingly. This will help you in saving time and money.

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Prep the Designated Space

The second step is to prep the designated area. Start by cleaning the grow room area it and removing everything except the walls, floor, and ceiling. Make sure there are no carpets or unnecessary furniture. Enclose it to protect from the outer environment.

One of the best practices is to build a grow room within a room. If you can build one in the basement, go for it. It will allow you to install ventilation ducts in the grow room’s walls and ceiling that will not change the house structure.

This will help you in keeping the noise down and other external conditions such as heat, under control. You can also keep the lighting ballasts outside of the grow room, keeping it cool.

If you are worried about the heat coming out of the grow room and interfere with the temperature of your house, you can build insulated walls and the ceiling to avoid this situation.

Build the Grow Room

Now you are ready to build the walls and the ceiling of the grow room. Do not forget to cover them with highly reflective material so the plants can capture more light to ensure healthy growth.

As far as the flooring is concerned, make sure that it is smooth, even and easier to clean.

Choose a concrete surface with drains and avoid wood and carpeted floors. So, if the water spills, leaves crumble or dirt falls, you can easily clean it without creating a mess.

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Install the Grow Room Necessities

It’s time for bringing in all the resources your plants need. We will go through them one by one, so you don’t miss any.

  • Fans for Fresh Air Circulation

Plants need fresh air to grow. Make sure there are oscillating fans to circulate the air in the room and heavy-duty inline fans for grow tent to bring in the fresh air inside the grow room.

  • Water Source for Easy Water Access

Make sure that there is a water source available close to your grow room. This way you can easily use a hose to water your plants. With a water hose, you can also use a watering wand with a flexible hose adapter.

This will make it easier for you to reach over and around the plants, so no plant branches are hurt or broken during the watering process. Using water buckets to fill your grow room is possible but not advisable.

  • Lights for Photosynthesis

Led Grow Lights are one of the major necessities. Start by measuring the size of the lights to decide the distance between them. Then mount hooks, light holders or chains in the ceiling to hold them. 

Make sure that they can support the weight of the lights. If you are opting for large glass lights, they will be heavy, weighing more than 30 pounds each.

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Bring in the Grow Room Equipment

Before bringing in the plants, install the grow room tools such as thermometer, hygrometer, etc.

It is important to check the temperature and humidity level beforehand, to ensure the safety of plants. Make sure the growing environment is right for your plants.

Similarly, set up the lighting ballasts and lamps inside the growing area. Do not forget to read the instructions on how to install them properly to avoid any kind of accident. Installing these tools improperly can lead to light blow-outs and fire.

Find out how turning the lights on and off affect your temperature and humidity levels so you can make notes.

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Bring in the Growing System

The final step is to bring in hydroponics, soil containers and your plants inside the grow room. Adjust them according to your choice.

Move plants around in the way that they are at the required distance from the lights. Check the airflow to make sure the circulation of fresh air.

Once you place all the required things inside the grow room, it’s time to look closely for problems that may occur.

Adjust the temperature, humidity levels and lights accordingly to balance the grow room environment for healthy plant growth.

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In conclusion, if you want to build a successful growing environment, start by making a well-thought plan with all the mandatory steps that are mentioned above.

While staying in budget, get the best possible products and make sure they are installed properly. Make sure to get opinions from professional growers and exploring all the potential products out there. 

Address the issues of temperature, lights and humidity control with best possible options. While deciding about the grow room equipment and space, keep in mind the kind of plants you plan to grow. Perfectly designed grow rooms ensure healthier and heavier yields.

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