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Munchie Mania: 7 Awesome Weed Edible Recipes for Your Next Party

Smoking weed can be a lot of fun. That said, pot smoke isn’t necessarily the tastiest thing on the planet. As such, it’s sometimes more fulfilling to consume cannabis in the form of an edible. 

Today’s edibles are far more than just gummies. There are all types of edibles available, some of them sweet, some salty, but all of them downright delicious. 

Looking for some solid weed edible recipes? You’re reading the right article. Here are 7 of them for you to try. 

  1. Cannabis Cinnamon Rolls

Whether they be for breakfast or just a much-needed snack, cinnamon rolls always seem to hit the spot. That said, they can take you higher. All you need to do is add a bit of cannabis. 

There are two general ways to add cannabis to cinnamon rolls. One option is to bake it directly into the batter.

Another option is to mix marijuana oil extract into the icing. Either method will provide you with the desired effect. 

Our advice is to bake your cinnamon rolls as usual. Then, stir some extract into the icing and spread it on evenly over each roll. If you want to simplify the process, you could even use store-bought cinnamon rolls.

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  1. Cannabis Bacon

Bacon is awesome in and of itself; So too is marijuana. But what happens if you mix them together? While we could tell you, we would rather you find out for yourself. 

Interested in doing so? Fortunately, you won’t have much trouble. Cannabis bacon is extraordinarily easy to concoct.  

Start by grinding up some buds into a fine powder. Then, once they’ve been ground, pour them onto a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven at 225 degrees for 45 minutes. 

On a separate cookie sheet, place your bacon. Then, after the ground buds have cooked, sprinkle them onto both of the bacon’s sides. Finally, cook the bacon in the oven at 275 degrees, allowing each side to sit face-up for 10 minutes. 

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a whole tray of crispy, delicious, and high-inducing greatness to enjoy. What better way to kick off a day?

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  1. Weed Soup

Like tomato soup? Maybe chicken noodle soup is more up your alley? In the end, it doesn’t matter; All soups can be infused with cannabis. 

To make cannabis soup, you don’t really have to switch anything up from the usual. Just make your soup as you normally would whilst adding a bit of ground cannabis to the ingredients. 

Not a fan of the taste of cannabis? You can minimize it by mixing it with other seasonings such as salt and pepper.

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  1. Pot Pizza

Pizza and cannabis go together like peas and carrots. However, in most cases, a hit of cannabis is followed by a bite of pizza. In the case of pot pizza, on the other hand, the two are consumed at the same time. 

Wondering how to make pot pizza? The key is to mix the pot into the sauce. That way, you can make the dough as you would normally, topping it off with the cannabis-infused sauce just prior to putting it all in the oven. 

Not sure how to make pizza dough? There are recipes all over the internet. So, whether you want deep-dish, New York-style, or otherwise, you will be accommodated.

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  1. Cannabis Burgers

There’s nothing more American than a good old fashioned hamburger. However, there are definitely things that are more intoxicating, one of which is a cannabis burger. 

There are a number of different ways to infuse burgers with cannabis. You could soak the buns with cannabis oil extract; You could mix cannabis into a condiment and spread it onto the burger; Or, you could just bake the cannabis into a patty. 

If you’re looking to keep the cannabis taste to a minimum, the latter solution is your best option. Simply crush up some cannabis buds until they’ve turned into a fine powder. Then, mix that powder with your other spices, stirring them into your hamburger meat. 

Once the hamburger mixture has been made, shape it into patties and throw them on the grill. Grill them at around 160 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

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  1. Cannabis Cookies

What’s a party without cookies? What’s more: what’s a party without cannabis cookies? Not only will cannabis cookies satisfy your sweet tooth, but they’ll also have you floating on air as well. 

Fortunately, cannabis cookies are very easy to make. All you have to do is whip up the same batter that you normally would, and then mix some ground cannabis into it.

The sugar will overpower the taste of the ground cannabis, producing a cookie that’s just as delicious as any other. 

Suffer from physical aches and pains? If so, you should consider treating yourself to cannabis cookies on a daily basis. There’s a lot to be gained from medical marijuana replacing opiates.

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  1. Cannabis Ice Cream

If you really want to go the extra mile, you should try making cannabis ice cream. Though it can take a bit of effort, it is one of the most delectable treats known to humankind. 

Start by throwing together a common ice cream recipe. Then, ground your cannabis and cook it in the oven at 225 degrees for 45 minutes. Once you’ve done this, stir the marijuana into the ice cream. 

Then, store the concoction in your freezer until it’s frozen. Soon enough, you’ll be flying high on a cold and delicious treat.

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Time to Put These Weed Edible Recipes to Good Use

There’s no point in wasting time. It’s time to get out there, grab the necessary ingredients, and put these weed edible recipes to good use. You won’t regret it!

Keep in mind that cannabis edibles may take some time to take effect and usually it takes 2 hours so consume moderately.

Looking for more weed-centric information? You can find it right here at our site. Take a look at our other articles now!

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