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What You Need to Know About Tokr, the Must Have Cannabis App

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Tokr, @trytokr is our guest author of the month and they talk about their new app that serves both the consumer and the dispensary. We have already downloaded this app for our personal use and we love that it is packed with information. Read on and don’t forget to download after!

Tökr is a new app that creates a personalized cannabis experience for each user, based off of their individual preferences and is also a SaaS marketing solution for dispensaries.

We take in information on how a user prefers to consume cannabis, as well as the lifestyle they want to supplement, whether it be for medical needs such as sleep aid or anxiety reduction—or recreational needs like fitness and socializing.

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With that information we are able to create a curated profile, help consumers discover products and brands they can trust, and provide them with recommendations on stores nearby that have specific products available in real-time.

Our goal in creating this personalized experience is to help de-stigmatize the unknowns in the industry and make the products more accessible to those not familiar with a healthy cannabis lifestyle.

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cannabis app

Tökr is a helpful resource that connects those new to legal cannabis with stores and brands that can benefit them.

Being a brand-new industry, cannabis terminology may present confusion for consumers who are unfamiliar with distinctions like ‘indica’ or ‘sativa.’

The tökr app makes enjoying the benefits of cannabis more accessible and open to everyone, from all walks of life.

Not only are we working heavily with consumers, we also help provide brands and stores the ability to advertise and market themselves more effectively—especially when business tools normally available to so many other industries have not been accessible for cannabis companies without high fees and or any real ability to track ROI.

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cannabis experience

For brands, we help them build awareness, trust and respect for the products they have created and provide business with tools to give them analytical insights into consumer needs and preferences.

We break down this information state by state and city by city, to help businesses better develop growth plans, based off of trends and purchasing behavior.

Through integrations with store point-of-sale systems, we help them identify which stores are running low, to help them ensure healthy product levels are always available to consumers who want them and more effectively predict which products will be in high demand.

Stores are also faced with a massive challenge that we are solving as well. With limited marketing ability both online and on the street, we build local awareness to new consumers about locations, products, deals, and special events to take part in.

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By allowing consumers to receive push notifications and emails about preferred products and deals nearby, we have created a closed feedback loop for stores to test out new products and specials, and view data on what their nearby customers respond to.

In addition, dispensaries will help ensure longtime customer retention by building trust and brand loyalty with your location.

It’s localized marketing to a highly targeted user base, which these stores have never seen. The web-based setup takes less than five minutes and requires no maintenance.

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By creating an accessible consumer app that’s free for all, powered by professional business tools for the industry as a whole, we hope to usher in a new era of respectability for cannabis, one that needs to be nurtured with high professional standards as it looks to grow, and provide benefits to not just people who want to get high, but to the vast majority whose lives will be improved by having a healthy and positive cannabis experience.

To know more and to download the app, go to https://www.trytokr.com.

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