This is an in-depth review of the new Anti Theft Sack 3L from @loctote. We highly recommend it for the #cannabis community.

They have done it again! Loctote has invented a packable portable travel safe. They just launched their Anti-Theft Sack.

It comes in three colors: vintage grey, khaki and denim blue. It is as awesome as its predecessor, the Flak Sack II, which is a drawstring backpack.  

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Watch the video as we demonstrate the anti-theft and anti-slash feature of Loctote. The sack can accomodate about 3 liters of stuff and we placed the following items for the demo:

  1. cellphone
  2. keys
  3. passport
  4. vaporizer

We still had a lot of space. You could still put more items in the sack like a bottled water, lighter, and other sunglasses.

The Anti-theft sack retails for $59 and includes a nylon pouch that you can store the sack in plus a 3-digit, solid brass, combo-lock.


It is water resistant and the interior pocket has RFID blocking to protect against electronic pickpocketing.

You can get one for yourself here –

Clearly the materials used to make this sack are high quality. We think it is worth the $59 and highly recommend it to the cannabis community.

It has a drawstring where you can tighten the string, put a lock on it and leave it.  

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The locking strap is patented and it is reinforced with custom steel components making it near impossible to cut or break.

This sack is slash, abrasion and tear resistant.

Loctote’s Anti-theft sack is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going to the beach or biking, the sack carries your valuables and keeps it safe. You can lock it to any fixed object.

You can clip it to your backpack, beach chair, carry it in your hand or you can also pack it in your luggage.  

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• Patent pending steel reinforced locking strap & solid brass combination lock allow you to lock the sack shut, and to a fixed object.
• Lightweight slash, tear & abrasion resistant fabric with water resistant exterior coating
• Compact Attached Storage Bag, Folds small enough to fit in your hand
• Interior RFID blocking pocket shields unauthorized scanning
• One piece design 100% constructed with slash resistent materials eliminates vulnerable weak spots.


• 12.5″ x 8.5″
• Capacity: 3 litres
• 9 ounces (includes lock)
• Interior Pocket: 5.5″ x 5″ (fits a passport) 

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