Paranoid When High? Here Are the Best Tips to Mellow Out When High

paranoid when high

Maybe this happened once, regularly, or maybe you rather be prepared from when you’re paranoid when high. Here are the best tips to mellow out when high.

Marijuana is a hot button topic right now. Many states have legalized it either for medicinal or recreational purposes. But, the law prohibits formal studies in the United States, so few proven scientific facts about how it affects the mind exist.

A recent study done in the United Kingdom showed that 50% of participants given a dose of THC reported having paranoid thoughts during the 90-minute “high” period. More studies are underway to discover why THC causes paranoia so often, but until then, people are experimenting to find ways to prevent feeling paranoid when high.

If you are one of the many people who feel paranoid or you experience other adverse effects, keep reading for our top tips to mellow out when you use marijuana products and things get out of hand!

Switch to CBD Heavy Strains

Most people think marijuana and THC are synonymous, but the truth is a bit more convoluted than that. Different strains of pot have various amounts of THC. Choosing the right strain for your ailment is as important as choosing the right medical treatment at a hospital.

Some strains of marijuana, like Charlotte’s Web, contain no THC at all. Instead, they have another substance called CBD, which is also found in various strains of pot, but it affects your brain in a different way. CBD will give you the benefits of using marijuana without the feeling of being high!

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People who want to use marijuana for anxiety, pain, or other ailments and they do not want (or enjoy) the high feeling, should reach for a CBD only strain of bud.

Only Use Marijuana in a Relaxing Environment

This might sound counter-intuitive, but you should avoid taking any form of THC while you are in a stressful or dangerous environment. Not only should you have your senses sharp in these situations, but you can also alter the way the high hits you!

If you know that marijuana makes you feel paranoid, it’s a bad idea to smoke right before doing a public speech or walking through a crowd. Those negative feelings are often amplified when you are high and make you feel more paranoid than if you had not smoked.

Set yourself up for success by only using pot when you are in a quiet, dim-lit area where you feel relaxed and at ease. Then let the high feeling amplify the good vibes instead of the bad ones.

Reduce Your Dose

One of the main reasons you feel too high is that you have used too much! Overdosing on marijuana is pretty much impossible, but you can take too much and feel less than serene!

People often consume more than the recommended dose of edible marijuana in particular. A dose could be 3 or 4 THC laced gummy bears, but if you don’t read the instructions first, you’ll grab a whole handful and eat them like regular gummy bears.

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Since taking too much could cause the feeling of paranoia, try reducing your dose or picking a less potent strain of marijuana flower.

Inhale and Exhale: Breathing for When You Are Paranoid When High

Ok, you already feel too high, what can you do to bring yourself down a bit?

Try focusing on controlling your breathing. Doing this has a couple of benefits for you when you are too high. 

First, getting your breathing under control reduces your body’s panic reaction when you are in a stressful situation. When you breathe too hard and/or fast, your heart races, which makes you panic and breathe harder! It’s a nasty feedback cycle, but you can break out of it by calming your breathing.

The other way breathing exercises helps when you are feeling paranoid is by distracting your mind. When your mind is obsessing over something and causing you to feel paranoid, it is hard to think about anything else. By only focusing on your breathing, you are farcing your mind to ignore the thoughts you were obsessing over.

Check out this article for some great tips on breathing through your paranoia while you are high.

Keep Emergency Supplies

We spoke about using CBD instead of THC because it doesn’t give you the “high” feeling. But did you know that CBD also counteracts the effects of THC?

It’s true! Taking CBD with or right after you consume THC will reduce the effects of the THC by blocking off some of the chemical receptors in your brain where THC would connect. Fewer THC receptors connected to THC molecules means you won’t be able to get as high as if you had not used CBD!

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Keep some CBD in capsule or oil form in case you get too high from THC. Once you start to feel paranoid, take some of the CBD to begin counteracting the THC and bring yourself down a bit.

Change up Your Intake Method

With the marijuana industry booming the way it is, there are no limits to the variety of options you have for consuming THC. You can smoke it, eat it, drink it, you can even use it as a lotion!

If you notice that edibles always make you feel funky, try smoking flower or vaping THC instead. Or try out a few different methods to see which one suits you best.

Don’t Let Yourself (Or a Friend) Be “One Toke Over the Line”

We hope some of these tips help you feel less paranoid when high on marijuana. Like any medicine, it often takes a while to nail down a prescription that works for every individual person.

The best way to make sure you aren’t taking the wrong thing or using something in an incorrect way, do plenty of research about the products you want to try. We have all kinds of ganja info on our blog. Come check out the rest of our mary jane articles today!