Paul Botto: One QR Code to Rule Them All – How Smart QR Codes are Shaping the Cannabis Industry

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In this episode, I interview Paul Botto, Co-founder, and CEO of Lucid Green. Previous roles include the former head of analytics sales and consulting at Google, GM of visible measures analytics, and founding member of Conduce, a supply chain data platform working with companies like DHL, Cisco, and PwC.

Paul talks about how tech plays in legitimizing the cannabis industry and solving consumer trust issues, ensuring regulatory compliance, education, and safety. “A business is bound for failure if it does not think consumer first,” said Paul Botto, co-founder, and President of Lucid Green. “Cannabis businesses that leverage data to evolve for and with its consumers are better suited for long-term success.”

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Lucid Green, the intelligent UPC of cannabis provides cannabis brands, retailers, and distributors with a touchless inventory management solution – increasing supply chain efficiencies and cost-savings while ensuring regulatory compliance. The company’s supply chain tech stack also translates to a consumer education tool, providing key product and experience details. Check them out at



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