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Peter Vogel Interview: CEO of Leafwire, Cannabis Industry’s Answer to Networking

We were able to interview the CEO of Leafwire. Read on below to learn more about Peter Vogel, @pvogel.

Leafwire is the cannabis industry’s answer to networking; a platform akin to Linkedin, but 100% devoted to cannabis.

Professionals can find investors, jobs, network and share news.

Leafwire is home to the most robust and active network in the cannabis industry and was born of entrepreneurs and investors who saw a need in their market.

Ganjly: What’s your background and what made you decide to move into the cannabis space?

Peter Vogel: I started in the tech space with my first company in 1998 focused on digital marketing and haven’t looked back. I have spent over twenty years building companies, raising money, scaling customer bases and learning from many mistakes and challenges.

The bubble and bust waves we’ve endured have provided me with a unique skill set to deal with the fast growing, and ever-changing cannabis space.

A close friend of mine, Marion Mariathasan, who is CEO of Simplifya, joined the cannabis world a few years back and over lunch about a year, he told me all about Simplifya, the cannabis industry and the amazing opportunity still present in cannabis.

They were looking for someone to come in and create Leafwire, so I jumped at the chance.

I was excited by the industry and loved the idea of Leafwire… it seemed pretty obvious; people need help raising money so let’s build a platform to help them connect with investors.

I dove head-first into cannabis and have been energized by the enthusiasm and ingenuity I see on a daily basis.  

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Ganjly: What is Leafwire and what is its mission?

Peter Vogel: Leafwire was built to connect investors with cannabis companies looking to raise money. Fundraising in cannabis is hard, even harder than most other industries, primarily due to the immaturity of the market.

We built a platform that would help entrepreneurs connect with investors and also provide resources and education to help entrepreneurs succeed in their raise.

We also wanted Leafwire to serve as a hub for cannabis executives to give all cannabis professionals a place to share industry news, announce new products, promote events, post jobs and of course, connect with each other. 100% committed to the business of cannabis.  

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Ganjly: How many employees does Leafwire have and what kind of traits do you look for when hiring new members?

Peter Vogel: Just 2 so far. I look for someone with skills and experiences in multiple industries, but also an entrepreneurial spirit that knows what it’s like to struggle with all the uncertainties of a start-up.

Ganjly: What impact do you think Leafwire will have on both cannabis companies and those looking for jobs in the industry?

Peter Vogel: Leafwire powers the business of cannabis. We do everything from helping entrepreneurs connect with investors, help current professionals stay current with news and product announcements, help companies find employees and provide a place where newbies can join, learn about the industry and find their first cannabis job.  

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Ganjly: What’s the most challenging experience you and Leafwire have had in the cannabis industry so far?

Peter Vogel: One of the biggest challenges cannabis companies have is staying focused. Since cannabis is such a young industry, there are a lot of problems to be solved.

It’s easy to be distracted by every new problem you run up against. But if you don’t focus on your core competency, it’s likely you’ll fail at many things, including your primary business.

Ganjly: What advice would you give someone trying to get a job in the cannabis industry?

Peter Vogel: Cannabis is a business and an industry just like any other. Dress professionally for interviews. Show up on time. Follow-up aggressively. All the normal business rules apply. Don’t be swept away by the romanticism of a booming, exciting industry. It’s a business.  

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Thank you so much for your time Peter! Now head on over to Leafwire.com to join the cannabis network!

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