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Prime Edibles: Creating All-Natural and Handcrafted Gummies

Why medicate with more sugar? Prime Edibles has created an all-natural, handcraft gummy bears. In this interview, we asked Dillon Witmer, founder of Prime Edibles, why they went into the cannabis edible market, what challenges he faced and how his edibles have helped his customers.

Ganjly: What is Prime Edibles?  

Dillon Witmer: Prime Edibles was stared as an alternative edible to all the sugar-based products on the market.  Many patients who have cancer or other health problems can be related to sugar, so why medicate with more sugar.  We use local honey, real fruit, organic juices, grass-fed collagen and vitamin C.
We also felt it was important to provide simple micro dosing options for newer patients.  We have a delivery service so I get to spend a lot of time directly with elderly patients.  Most are excited to try it as an alternative to pharmaceuticals but feel intimidated by high doses or lack of information on how to use correctly.

Ganjly: What made you go into the edibles?

Dillon Witmer: I am a chef who went to culinary school in Santa Barbara and have worked in the restaurant business for 20 years.   My friend would ski guide for the owner of US weekly, Rolling Stone and Mens journal.  Well he like to get stoned and ski but for health reasons couldn’t smoke so they asked me to come up with something.
We started with a brownie, then I started making decadent chocolate chip cookies. As this client started sharing this product with friends all the sudden all sorts of other celebrity-types wanted some. (I’m not going to use names)  This process went on for about ten years to the point where we were making a few thousand cookies a year.
We started a collective delivery service in Grass Valley, Nevada City called CannaBus.  It was a good way to make new products and get direct feedback on what people are looking for and the demographic between younger versus older patients.  Our Vita gummy’s are now our best selling product.

Ganjly: Have you faced many challenges while working in the cannabis market?

Dillon Witmer: Yes. Too many to list but it has been very difficult and there’s a lot of grey areas in the industry.  Finding a consistent supply of high-quality extract with certified labs testing was one of the hardest.  Getting face time with buyer’s or owners of dispensaries has also been very difficult.  Distribution is something we still struggle with every day.  My wife is a lawyer so that has helped with our corporate docs.  That being said the state feels very divided on consistent regulations.

Ganjly: What is your relationship to cannabis?

Dillon Witmer: I regularly use cannabis for pain and pleasure. I’ve had insomnia since I was a teen so it has been very helpful for that.  Over the last 6 months I’ve seen a tremendous separation between medicating and recreational which I think is very positive.

Ganjly: How has your edibles and other products helped your customers in terms of health and wellness?

Dillon Witmer: We have had amazing testimonials about how our edibles have helped people with real problems.  Our higher dose cookies are very helpful for veterans with PTSD.  The vita gummy’s have had great reviews for people with anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia and stress.  The new CBD Ginger gummy has been very effective for pain, mild anxiety and insomnia.  I recently broke my hand and used only the Ginger CBD for pain, it was as effective as Vicodin but with no side effects.

Ganjly: What’s the most exciting thing about what you’re doing?

Dillon Witmer: I think being a pioneer in an industry that feels like a combination of the late days of prohibition and the gold rush.  It’s really scary at times but when I see how much our medicine helps people who need it, it’s all worth it.  One notable aspect that outsiders don’t realize is how challenging this industry can be.  There’s nothing romantic about it.
What I do find fascinating about this industry is how many aspects there are.  Cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, scientist, programmers, writers, media, lawyers, accountants the list goes on.  But we all have the same goals.


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For more information on Prime Edibles, email Dillon at primeedibles1@gmail.com or go to http://www.primeedibles.co/

Dillon Witmer
Prime Edibles
111 Bank st #173
Grass Valley, Ca
Twitter: @primeedibles

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